In Clothing, Lawn

|Press Release|: Sifona Launches Spring/Summer Lawn Collection 2016

In Body Scrub, Boots

|Subscription|: Style Me Box (April)

In Bra, Lingerie

|Review|: Pretty Little Things Lingerie

In Constantine PR, Mother's Day

Celebrating the Spirit of Motherhood with The Body Shop

In Awards Show, Pakistan Advertisers Society

|Press Release|: PAS Awards 2016

In BCW2016, Emraan Rajput

|Press Release|: Designer Emraan Rajput Showcasing The Royal Raaj in BCW - Gold Edition

In Bridal Couture Week, Hum Sitaray

|Press Release|: Bridal Couture Week

In Press release, Rose Petal

|Press Release|: Rose Petal Launches it New Ad Campign

In Hum TV, Press release

|Press Release|: Dil-e-Beqarar on Hum Tv

In Chicken kaari, Image Fabrics

|Press Release|: Image Fabrics Opens up in Lahore

In BCW2016, Bridal Couture Week

|Press Release|: Saadia Mirza Showcased in BCW2016

In EO, Press release

|Press Release|: EO Announces New Board Members

In Book, Chloe

|Book Review|: Made Men # 3, Chloe by Sarah Brianne



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