Eid Disappointments

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Hello Ladies!

I hope you had a lovely Eid day and had lots of fun and ate yummy dishes after fasting for a whole month. Also lets not forget our new Eid dresses. There is nothing like the excitement of shopping for Eid, buying Eid dresses, matching bangles, accessories and applying henna. I also had the same ideas and bought something different this time for Eid. To know more about my Eid dress read the post below: 

Kantha dress from Cynosure
I absolutely love Indian Kantha. Its one of my favorite traditional designs. I have been eyeing Kantha shawls for a very long time, like 2 to 3 years but wasn't buying any for some reason. When I saw these Kantha trousers and shirts at Cynosure, I knew I had to get them for myself. Initially I bought the shirt only which has a middle Kantha panel and the rest of the shirt is made of mix polyester khaadi sort of cloth. When I saw the trouser I was willing to let go of the shirt and buy the trouser only, as it was a piece of beauty.

I do not like buying clothes that cost beyond Rs.5000, its a rule of my own. The trouser only was priced Rs. 9000+ and the shirt was close to Rs. 4000. Tough choice, you don't buy Kantha every other day, its like a one time purchase thats supposed to last you long if worn with care. Thinking this, I bought both the shirt and the trouser. 

I wore the attire on the first day of Eid feeling beautiful and earned a lot of praises as well. But unfortunately as the day passed, my dress began to come of the seams from many places. Now I am not a little kid who would be running around and not care about the clothes and neither I had put on clothes for the first time that I wouldn't know how to carry them or take care of them. It was like the cloth was decomposing, you know when a fabric gets very old or is placed in a suit case or trunk for a long time it starts to deteriorate, similar was happening to my Eid dress. 

The cloth coming off from the sleeves
In the above picture you can see, the cloth is coming off the seams like its just being ripped off on its own from the right sleeve. 

Stitches are there but the cloth is just coming off

Front of the shirt, next to the panels 

Another gaping hole where the cloth has come off from the panel

The hem
There wasn't a single place where the deterioration had not begun on the shirt. The craftsmanship was poor, the shirt poorly stitched with no proper hemming on the panels. As much as the shirt looked pretty at first glance, its was a disaster in making. 

I have not been much of a fan of Cynosure because of their poor stitching and un neat end results. I have purchased a few dresses when I was in University but then I stopped buying due to the quality factor. But last year their new collection created such great hype that I wanted to try them out again. Rest assured, I learnt my lesson the hard way and won't be entering that shop again after wasting close to Rs. 14000 on a dress. Imagine my dread, the whole time fearing the trouser might start coming off as well. Thankfully the trouser remained intact but I am no longer sure for how long it will stay that way. 

Kantha shirt

Kantha trouser
Considering the sort of customer services we usually get, I am sure its money wasted. No one is going to take responsibility for the fact that my hard earned money was wasted because of their poor craftsmanship. When everyone was enjoying their Eid, I was making sure that my dress stays intact till the moment I reach home. Not to mention how tacky it appeared to be wearing ripped clothes. 

I hope no body had an experience like mine, ever! Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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