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It makes me so happy to see my own people progressing, especially, when someone from my own country comes up with a new business idea and it flourishes into something big. The famous Facebook shop owner by the name of The Brand Hub, sometime back launched her own makeup and skin care line by the name of Belle Peau. If you are a part of one of her Whatsapp group, then you would know all about the step by step developments of her line and the test and trial stages of her products. I am few of the lucky ones who got to try one of her face masks. Its Rahassoul Moroccan lava clay mask and product for review today. 

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask

First of all lets talk about the packaging of the item. The boxes for the mask are hand designed and hand made which is what attracted me more to them. It may seem like a flimsy cardboard box but trust me, its quite sturdy and strong. I like how the box has been designed keeping in mind the color of the mask and box to compliment each other. The box has a vintage design in my view and the jute flower effect at the top adds more beauty to it. 

Next coming to the jar of the mask, its a plain plastic jar with a plain silver twist cap. The jar is full till the tip and there is quite a lot of product in there. One drawback with the jar are the stickers at the front and back. If you touch the jar with wet hands the ink on the stickers stick to your fingers which isn't pleasant since the logo and the text copies on to your hand. i would recommend going through the instructions first thing because you might unintentionally touch the jar with wet hands and pufff! there goes the instructions. Belle Peau needs to improve this. 

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask - Packaging

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask - Packaging

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask - The jar

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask - The jar


Coming to the mask now, its very finely milled. I could not find a single clump or brittle pieces in the whole jar. Its grounded very finely and very smooth to touch. One requires a very little quantity of the mask to cover the whole face. Upon mixing with water it blends in pretty easily and does not clump either if mixed well. 

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask

Directions to use: 

Depending upon the usage area take a small quantity of the mask and mix it in water or rose water to make a smooth paste. I would advise keeping the consistency a little runny, since the mask starts to tighten pretty fast as it starts drying out and may cause discomfort due to strong tightening capability. 

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask - mixed in water

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask - Freshly applied to face

Apply the mask on your face for 20 minutes or depending upon how long it takes to dry out but do not keep it for too long. Also I advise applying a thin layer to the face for quick drying and less tightening. I noticed a little bit of a burning sensation when I applied it to the face but its normal and nothing to get worried about. It stops in about 3 to 4 minutes. 

In the picture below, notice how my lips are puckering out without my intention, that is actually the aftermath of the mask drying. It really tightens the skin well. 

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask - Drying

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask - Completely dried

My Experience:

After Salina Cosmetics Orglow mask that is manufactured locally, this is the second mask I liked after a really long time. Although I have reviewed several face masks which gave out promising results but this Belle Peau one delivers at all grounds. It brightens, moisturizes, cleans dirt, exfoliates and cut tans from the skin like a charm. I have used this mask at the peak of Summer season and trust me it made me very happy. My arms have tanned permanently leaving a very distinct white patch where I wear my watch. I have used Rahassoul Moroccan Lava clay mask on a regular basis and found considerable improvement on my arms. My tan has lessened quite a bit now. It sucks out excess oil from the face leaving the skin fresh and moisturized. Note here that it does not dry out the skin rather leaves a very balances moisturized skin with a fresh glow to it. Sadly the glow does not last long and it is one area where Belle Peau needs to tweak the formula a bit. The glow hardly lasts a day but the freshness and feeling of having a clean skin lasts almost 3 to 4 days. I recommend using the mask twice a week or as per needs since its developed from all natural products and is cruelty free and vegan. You can see the results below how it has smoothed out and brighten my skin cutting the tan at least one to two notches. 

Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Mask - Before and after usage





             Rs. 2250 or $ 21 approx


I absolutely recommend giving this mask a try. Its an excellent mask as it has skin tightening and hydrating properties and the quantity will last good for about 2 months at least. 


You can order Belle Peau Rahassoul Moroccan Lava Clay mask online from The Brand Hub Facebook page. 

I hope you liked my review. My next item on the Pelle Peau wishlist is their Lip Lock Liquid Matte Lipstick as I have heard excellent reviews about it. Have you tried anything from Belle Peau yet? What is your take? I would love to see her adding foundations to her makeup line with shades designed according to South Asian skin tones. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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