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Hi Pretty people!

Another joy of my life is Sale time on my favorite brands. The body Shop never fails to disappoint with its sales. Quite recently it put up Winter Sale and I had my fair share of purchases, the ones I had been eyeing for sometime. Here are a few picks from my haul 

The Body Shop Ginger anti dandruff shampoo, British Rose palette, Lightening and darkening shade adjusting drops and lipstick in shade 
I had no idea a palette by the name of 'British Rose' even existed. Since the Link Road outlet is in my way from work so that's the most usual Body Shop outlet I visit. I did not spot this palette there. Either it was sold out or is simply not available there. However I spotted it at the Emporium Mall outlet and immediately went for the kill. Makeup being my weakness, this palette called out to me. I haven't actually used this palette yet so can't really say if its worth the buy but knowing that its by Body Shop is enough at the moment. The palette contains 6 eye shadows, 3 smokey dark shades and 3 pink florals along with 2 pink blush colors. All in all, it seems like a good palette to carry around in your hand bag. I can pass a better judgement once I start using it. 

The Body Shop British Rose palette

The Body Shop British Rose palette
Okay, so this lipstick was more of a forced purchase. After I was done with my shopping the very friendly guy at the counter tempted me by telling about lipsticks that were on 70% off and how I would be missing this golden opportunity if I won't buy them. Guess what? I ended up buying one. Although I was sold the wrong shade  but nonetheless I am not disappointed with the shade as it suits desi skin tones. I tried it on myself, my cousin who is 2 shades darker than me and on another cousin of mine who is on the yellow pale side. It worked for all of us like a charm. 

The Body Shop color crush lipstick in 04
I had been eyeing these lightening and darkening drops for a very long time and this sale proved to be the perfect opportunity to buy them. The darkening drops were at a pleasing 50% off. Who would want to miss that? These drops are perfect to be mixed with the wrongly bought shades of foundations. In case you have bought a foundation darker then your skin tone, mix it with some lightening drops and vice versa. 

I also attempted to try using the darkening drops as a contour shade which turned out to be an epic fail as it turned my skin too dark. I am mentioning it here in case you feel like experimenting (like me) you would know the results before hand. 

The Body Shop's shade adjusting lightening drops

The Body Shop self adjusting darkening drops

This shampoo is my absolute favorite as it does wonders for my dandruff. I have reviewed the shampoo on my blog, you can read the review by clicking on the link here. Winters always come on a bad note for me by hitting me with tons and tons of dandruff and an itchy forehead. After trying all sorts of shampoos and oils, Body shop's ginger shampoo is my holy grail. I absolutely recommend this shampoo to anyone who suffers from dandruff.

The Body Shop Ginger anti dandruff shampoo
So that is about it for my haul. Surprisingly, I did not purchase any skin care item mainly because I already have too many products that are waiting to be used and hoarding more would not have been wise. Here are the prices of the items I bought

1. Ginger shampoo original price Rs. 1700 and sale price Rs. 1275
2. Color crush lipstick original price Rs. 1990 and sale price Rs. 597
3. Darkening drops original price Rs. 2640 and sale price Rs. 1320
4. Lightening drops original price Rs. 2650 and sale price Rs. 1980
5. British Rose palette original price Rs. 4970 and sale price Rs. 2485

I hope you liked my haul. Did you take advantage of the sale as well? What did you buy? Drop in your comments to share your hauls with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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