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Hi Beauties!

This month has been very busy with so many meetups and events taking place in Lahore. One important meetup for which I have waited for years since I have started blogging would be Oriflame's. It makes me ecstatic to see that Oriflame has finally decided to collaborate with beauty bloggers and for this, they held a very high profile meetup session at Flatties Hotel. In my today's post I shall be sharing my meet and greet experience and the basket full of goodies I received as their kind gesture.

When you receive a beautiful invitation along with such heart felt generosity, it simply raises your expectations and excitement level. This is how I was invited for Oriflame's bloggers meetup. Who can refuse this?

Invitation card along with Oriflame goodie basket

The meetup was arranged on October 11th at Flatties. We arrived a bit late to the venue due to Mall Road being blocked by the protest helf by Doctors. Upon arriving the venue was a warm welcoming sight. The room was beautifully decorated with blue and white balloons all across. At one corner a vanity was set up with Oriflame prooducts on display for bloggers. The other corner had a table full of goody bags for us. 

Take home goodie bags for bloggers

Vanity set up for make overs and swatching
I had a very funny encounter upon arrival. Gul Afshan, the pretty lady who was our invitee and also managing the meetup event, she turned out to be my junior from university days. We spent a few good seconds staring at each other along with some confused looks trying to recall as she seemed very familiar to me. Finally we realized and hugged each other which earned as some chuckles from other Oriflame team members, Sufyan and Fahad. Let me mention here that this woman, Gul Afshan surely knows how to welcome you and make you feel comfortable and center of universe. During the whole event, she was very open and approachable with all of us though we were meeting for the first time and she tool our ideas and suggestions with great zeal. Same is the case with Sufyan. I can not praise the Oriflame team enough for making us feel special and part of Oriflame family. 

The event kicked off with loads of picture snapping by the bloggers and Oriflame's professional photographers and videographers. Then Gul Afshan showed us how Oriflame clap is done which is a great motivator by the way and then Sufyan took over explaining in detail about Oriflame company and its products. Though I am regular Oriflame customer since many years but sometimes I just skip the obvious things. Like Sufyan told us how the makeup line of Oriflame is segregated into 3 ranges; Pure Color being low priced, One being average priced and Giordani being high end but with no compromise on the quality. Oriflame covers a vast range of products from makeup to skin care, hair care and perfumes. It was an interactive session where the bloggers also shared their experiences with Oriflame products. We also had a small activity where Sufyan asked us if we were carrying any Oriflame products in our handbags? A few bloggers had them and silly me could not recall at that time, I always carry a few in my makeup pouch but it was one of those face palm moments when your brain malfunctions. 

Beauty bloggers having a fun moment

Sufyan busy in an engrossing session

Now coming to the main highlight of the event - Blogger makeover videos. As bloggers, we were asked to do a makeover video for Oriflame where we were to sit in front of the vanity and use the available Oriflame products to come with a look. The videographer was to shoot out video during the entire process and this video will eventually be shared on Oriflame's media platforms. 

My thoughts regarding the whole meetup experience? I will say, this qualified as one of the best meetups I have been to. It was thoroughly professional and insightful, fun and exciting at the same time. I loved the fact that unlike other meetups usually arranged by PR companies, Oriflame meetup was focused on Oriflame, its products and bloggers. It was not focused on celebrities, socialites or food. Off course there were yummy cup cakes and delicious food afterwards but it was not the main thing. To anyone local PR person who is reading my post, this is how a beauty meetup is done. Take out that paper and pen gathering dust somewhere and note down some pointers. Do I need say more how much I loved it? 

Lastly, my goodie bag. I must say Oriflame has been very genourous with the goodies they have included in their giveaway bag. There are a lot of products in there and I am using most of them these days which means more reviews are coming soon. 

I hope you liked reading about my Oriflame beauty blogger's meetup experience. Please feel free to share your feedback with me as I love reading your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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