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Hello Pretty people!

Its good to be back again. This is my first post of the year 2017 and it goes to the brand "Bioderma" which happens to contain one of my most favorite product - Micellar water. I have been using Bioderma products for quite sometime now. Previously I was only familiar with their ever so famous Micellar water since its considered to be the holy grail makeup removing product and I agree. Since last year, I acquainted myself further with Bioderma as their range is available now in Lahore. I was very excited when I received an invite from Fourth Arc for Bioderma bloggers meet up session knowing that the brand is officially in Lahore now and is engaging bloggers. Today's post will solely focus on the meet up session, so lets start. 

The event took place on December 17th, 2016 at Flatties Hotel arranged by Fourth Arc in coordination with Bioderma Pakistan/Uniferoz Group. And yes, its almost one month now and I have been a lazy woman for posting it so late. 

The arrangements for the meet up were spot on. The floor was spacious enough for the bloggers. The arrangement was round table set up with Sensiobio H2O micellar water samples and cotton balls placed on each table for live testing of the product. I really liked this idea for two facts; one, it respresented the core idea of the meet up and two live demonstration and performance of the products is something not all brands do with this confidence especially, when it comes to skin care and not cosmetics. 

The event started off with introductions by the Bioderma team. Ms. Beenish Pervaiz the marketing head of Bioderma Pakistan welcomed us all very cordially and afterwards Mr. Siddiq, the Brand Manager gave us a very thorough presentation of Bioderma's Sensiobio H2O micellar water, the number one selling product of Bioderma and the pioneer micellar water product. The bloggers were equally involved in this information sharing session. We were asked questions and opinions by Mr. Siddiq on micellar water and I highly appreciate how he was open to criticism and suggestions. It was quite an interactive session at both ends. 

During the Bioderma brand awareness presentation we were asked to test out the micellar water with the already placed samples on our tables. It was an interesting activity followed by a twitter quiz session. After wards all bloggers were presented with a goodie bag containing Bioderma products which is always a treat for us bloggers. 

There was also a skin testing expert who tested our skin types and recommended suitable Bioderma products according to our skin requirements. Then we treated our tummies with the scrumpulitious Hi -Tea arranged by the Bioderma Pakistan. 

It was a very focused and to the point meet up just the way I prefer the meet ups should be instead of placing irrelevant props and inviting irrelevant people. I whole heartedly enjoyed the event and look forward to further campaigns by Bioderma in future. 

The goodie bag

Goodies I received
Hope you liked the post. Drop in your feedback to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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