14 Days Physiogel Challenge - Week 1

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Hi Ladies!

I am hoping you are regularly following my blog. Because if you are, then you know that I have taken up Physiogel's 14 day challenge. Week 1 has already gone by and now I have to post my progress results along with my product reviews. Lets start.

Before I begin my post, I want you to see how my skin looked before using any Physiogel items. Below is a close up of my face and you can see the tan, the  open pores, the roughness and dullness on my skin.

My skin before starting Physiogel regimen

1. Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion

I have a naturally dry skin which gets worse in Winters. I remember the times when I used to get patches around my cheeks due to dryness. Thankfully my face somehow has transitioned from dry to a combination skin but unfortunately nothing has changed for the rest of my body. When Winters are in full swing, I can not imaging not applying any body lotion on my skin. Without it my clothes get flaky from the inside due to all the dryness sticking to them. When I received Physiogel's body lotion for dry, very dry and sensitive skin I was much excited to try it out. I'll be honest, I was not very impressed initially due to its runny consistency and time it takes to absorb into the skin but with regular usage it kind of grew on me and now I really like it.

Its white in color with a runny consistency and is completely odorless. I am very impressed with the way they have masked all the fragrances. There are so many products available in the market that claim to be odorless but there is always a hint of smell somewhere which one is able to pick up. But with Physiogel's body lotion, it lives upto its claim of being entirely odorless. It takes time to absorb into the skin. Its not too time taking but yes it does require a little rubbing to get it settled onto the skin. It feels as if it forms a film over the skin to keep the moisture locked and also to keep the skin hydrated on its own. The best part is, it does not leave any greasy residue over the skin. Its very light and absorbs fully.

I totally recommend option for this body lotion. Its a must have item in your skin care regimen in my opinion.

Physiogel daily moisture therapy body lotion

Physiogel daily moisture therapy body lotion

2. Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream

I have not used this cream over my face as I stuck to using the ones containing SPF in them. However I use this one over my hands and feet and I have absolutely fallen in love with this cream as I am carrying it around in my handbag at all times. What I like about it is the instant moisturization it provides to the skin without leaving any oily residue. I do not get any greasy feeling neither do I end up leaving finger prints over surfaces. It completely absorbs into the skin and provides a well hydrated, moisturized and nice and clean shiny skin.. The fact that its a 75 ml squeeze tube makes it ideal to carry around in your purse. 

Physiogel daily moisture therapy cream

Physiogel daily moisture therapy cream

On the left is the body lotion and towards the right is the cream. Lotion is runny in consistency while the cream is thicker. 

Physiogel daily moisture therapy body lotion and cream

3. Physiogel Daily Defence Protective Day Cream (Rich)

I am all about using SPF creams to my sun exposed areas for better protection. Since I play a court game and also am getting my laser hair reduction treatment I have to use SPF products due to all the stress my skin is exposed to. I remember ending up with a scaly skin after my laser session just because I did not use Sun Block as recommended and it was a lesson well learnt for a lifetime. 

Moving on to Physiogel's daily defence protective day cream, I have mixed feelings about it. In simple words, I have developed a love and hate relationship with this cream over 2 weeks of usage time. I like how hydrating it is, how its SPF provides protection against the skin and how it leaves the skin soft and plump. I have also noticed that my skin is repairing itself as if its regenerating. I am unable to put my finger on the exact thing this cream is doing to my skin but its acting as one hell of a protective shield over my skin against the environmental hazards. 

Its been a year and a half that I am working for a company thats located in the Industrial Area. I was so concerned about the changes happening to my skin and I was unable to understand what was going on and what was bringing upon all the dullness. My skin was becoming dark and lifeless day by day. Then I realized its my surroundings, the pollution I am living in which is sucking the life out of my skin. Physiogel daily defence protective cream is a God sent product as it has done wonders for my skin already. My skin is reviving, regenerating and the dullness has faded a lot revealing a glowing, plump and well hydrated skin. 

The downside to this cream is, it feels heavy and leaves a greasy finish and putting on makeup over it is really a nightmare. Since it has strong and rich active content it makes the skin oily and the whole face oozes oil after like 4 to 5 hours. I would say that the rich formulation isn't exactly suited for my skin however the lighter version is something I am totally digging. 

Physiogel daily defence day cream - Rich

Physiogel daily defence day cream - Rich

4. Physiogel Daily Defence Protective Day Cream (Light)

Opposed to the rich version, the light version of daily defence protective day cream is designed for normal or combination skin tones. I started off using the Rich version for the first week but it made my makeup look horrible at work due to oil accumulation over my T zone. It was so obvious that a lot people pointed it out. In the second week I switched to the lighter version and I am pretty much satisfied. It feels lighter on the skin and does not end up leaving a greasy finish. The good thing about these creams is, they do not leave a grey cast over the skin after application. Yes, the skin definitely feels greasy a bit but not grey. I have definitely felt more elasticity and radiance in my skin after usage.

Physiogel daily defence day cream - Light

Physiogel daily defence day cream - Light

5. Physiogel Daily Defence Replenishing Night Cream

The night cream more or less works the same way as the day cream in terms of skin protection. The major difference is the absence of SPF. As night time is ideal for skin restoration and regeneration, this cream helps with the repair process and restores a brighter and radiant skin. 

Since I am following the regimen using different products, I can not narrow down as to how much or little of a difference each product has made but I can vouch that collectively these products have made a tremendous difference. 

Compared to the day cream, night cream is much more lighter upon application, but feels more plump and active over the skin. I make sure to apply it over my face at night before going to bed. I end up with a fresh and healthier skin in the morning. 

Physiogel daily defence replenishing night cream

Physiogel daily defence replenishing night cream
On the left is Daily defence day cream (rich), in the middle is daily defence day cream (light) and at the right is the replenishing night cream. Notice the difference in colors and consistency. The ones containing SPF are slightly yellowish while the night cream is totally white. 

(L) Physiogel daily defence day cream - Rich, (M) Physiogel daily defence day cream - Light, (R) Physiogel daily defence replenishing night cream

After 1 week usage of Physiogel products
You are going to find the before and after usage results unbelievable. Trust me I have only adjusted the light settings for the latter picture, otherwise they are entirely untouched and unedited. The difference is right in front of your eyes how Physiogel has positively affected my skin. Notice the glow, the  even-ness, the smoothness and plumpness of my skin. Its literally breathing and happy.

Before and after 1 week usage difference (Unedited)

Before and after 1 week usage difference (light adjusted)

Need I say more? I am irrevocably in love with Physiogel products and I see myself using them for a long long time. I recommend all my readers using these products, I guarantee you will not regret. I hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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