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Hi Pretty Ladies!

You all know how much I absolutely love subscription services. As soon as I hear of a new one, I know I have to get it and see what it has. Today, under the limelight is none other than the famous Black Bag.

January 2017 Black Bag
I had actually subscribed for this bag in October but due to high demand at that time, I was notified via an email that I have been qualified for the November bag as the slots for October were already full. November came and then December but I did not receive any update from Black Bag team. I waited in November but as soon as December arrived I just kind of let it go knowing that this is not an organized sort of business where any customer services are taken into regard. So in December I completely forgot about it. I saw their posts on my timeline even commented there asking for an update but there was complete silence at their end. Then somewhere in January out of the blue, I receive a call from a woman one fine evening that I had opted for Black bag so if I am willing to buy it she can send it to me via cash on delivery. I was informed that the bag is still for Rs. 2000 but delivery charges of Rs. 300 are being charged now. This was seriously off putting. You have been marketing it for Rs. 2000 and now you are telling me that Rs. 300 additional are being charged for delivery. Since I was willing to try it and see the quality of the sub service I agreed. Next day a rider comes and drops my Black bag charging Rs. 2300 and he did not have any change in his pocket either. Anyhow I was super excited about my Beauty Bag and couldn't wait to open it. 

Now the first question is, why is the sub service named as Black Bag when its actually a box? I myself am not sure really. Anyways, I am not much concerned about the name as much as I am about the quality of the products.

Initial Impressions:

The box is a flimsy cardboard box black in color with a matte finish. The box is quite spacious but I do not see it being into use for any other purpose as the box is quite flimsy and opens up like any other normal box. The products pretty much were clattering inside the box which made me a little wary as its quite unsafe carrying makeup products like this by riders. I think a little cushion-y packaging or a thick box might be a good idea. Placing a little confetti or wrapping up in crepe paper might also be a good option.

The Black Bag

Products inside the Black Bag
These are the products I received in my Black Bag for January:

1. Kardashian Beauty Stroke of Midnight Mascara
2. Loreal Hip Studio Secrets Brights Eye shadow duos in Bustling
3. Bath & Body Works travel size body lotion
4. Covergirl XL nail gel polish in whole lotta guava
5. Ready to Wear New York precision eye liner in black
6. NYC HD automatic eye liner in deep purple

Items of January 2017 Black Bag

Kardashian Beauty Stroke of Midnight mascara

Ready to Wear New York precision liquid liner in Black

NYC HD waterproof automatic eyeliner in deep purple

Bath & Body Works coconut lime verbena body lotion

Covergirl XL nail gel polish in whole lotta guava

Loreal Hip Studio Secrets bright eye shadow duos in bustling

I shall start of with the prices

1. Kardashian beauty stroke of midnight mascara $ 9.99
2. Ready to Wear New York precision liquid eye liner in Black $ 20
3. NYC HD Water proof automatic eye liner in deep purple $ 1.99
4. Bath & Body Works Lime Verbana Body Lotion (not sure about the price since its a sampler)
5. Covergirl XL gel nail polish in 710 Whole lotta guava $ 6.60
6. Loreal Hip Studio Secrets Bright eye shadow duos in bustling $ 8.25

When I worked out this price break up I was so pleasantly shocked. I really wasn't expecting it. I mean for the original price of the items, Black Bag is really worth the money. If I add up the prices of all the items exclusive of Bath & Body works lotion, the total amounts to $ 46.83 and when I convert it to Rupees it totals up to Rs. 5,000 plus which is like a big shocker. Also I liked the idea that there is a combination of different brands. I had never heard of Ready to Wear before and I am quite surprised to see the price of eye liner is a whopping $ 20. Need I say more in favor of this sub service? The prices speak for themselves. I would like to see more product variation in future though like travel friendly products such as dry shampoos, hair mascaras, travel size hair sprays and makeup removing liquids, silisponge. I believe the product variation I have received this first time, Black Bag can really deliver and I am looking forward to more new brands. As much as I was disappointed by their disappearing act for 2 months and doubting their professionalism, I believe they are really working on it and have set their footing now. Once you have subscribed to the Black Bag, a woman will call you in the first or second week of every month and confirm your order. Note that you only need to register once and you will start receiving the call each month, No hassle of ordering again and again. Your Black Bag is now just a call away. Great!

The downside to this subscription service is the high delivery cost. The service is originating from Lahore. They have hired a local delivery boy to deliver the items within the city. I live smack in the middle of the city, Gulberg area and it baffles me that I have to pay Rs. 300 as delivery charges. I mean even if the guy is coming from one end of the city burning this much fuel, the cost can't be this high. Within city delivery should either be free or as minimum as Rs. 200. It makes me feel as if the original price of the box is Rs. 2300 and we are only being charged this much in the name of delivery just for the sake of it. Either it should be mentioned that the box now costs Rs. 2300 or the delivery charges should be waived off. For me this is a case of false marketing where you quote Rs. 2000 but end up paying Rs. 2300 instead. 

Other than this, I do not see any short coming with this sub service and I do see myself ordering it again. I have already placed an order for the February bag and it shall be delivered to me on Saturday. I am very much looking forward to it. You can order your Black Bag through their Facebook page by clicking on this link. I hope you liked my detailed review of Black Bag subscription service. If you have availed it, please feel free to share your feedback with me. I love going through your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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