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Hi Ladies!

Its been a long time that I have not reviewed any mascara. Mascara isn't really my go to product for some unknown reason and isn't part of my daily makeup routine either. However I do have some mascaras in my stash for special occasions. Today my blog post focuses on Makeup Revolution's amazing volume mascara. As the name suggests "Amazing Volume", I am expecting it to add some amazing volume to my eye lashes. Lets see if it lives up to its name.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara

Makeup Revolution amazing volume mascara comes in a light weight, barely there plastic packaging. Its not a sleek design I'd say, rather it lies on the chubby side which provides a good hold on the tube. I prefer chubbier packaging for the mascaras personally just because they provide good hold. 

The wand is nothing exceptional, only the normal mascara wand we get in standard mascaras. 


In my opinion, the texture of the mascara is on the smooth side, the consistency is liquid enough not to clump on the eye lashes and isn't fluid enough to make streaks once the wand is with drawn from the tube. I have noticed these streaky strands coming in cheap AliExpress knock off mascaras and they are a hell to play with. Usually the sleeks end up touching the nose bridge or smudging somewhere around the eye area. This mascara has a nice mediocre consistency and yes, the color is a nice pigmented jet black. 

Mascara wand
Now coming off to the application part, my cousin is blessed with some nice lashes and I find her the perfect model for mascara posts. Below picture is a side pose of her eyes with nothing applied to her lashes. 

Without mascara
This picture has one coat of mascara applied to her lashes. Excuse my messy application, I am not very good with applying mascara in a non messy way. From the side view, the mascara doesn't seem to be delivering much. 

Mascara applied
Here is a comparison of with and without mascara. The left eye has no mascara applied to the lashes while the right one has single coat of mascara applied. The results are obvious. The mascara does tend to add certain amount of length to the lashes and also some stiffness. The lashes stand out more with mascara. Two coats will end up in a pretty decent outcome. My observation is, the mascara does tend to add length to the lashes but does little to nothing to add volume to them. I find this mascara a decent purchase for beginners or for people who are blessed with a handful of lashes and do not need to tweak them much. I doubt this would do much for sparse and thin lashes though.

Eyes with and without Makeup revolution amazing volume mascara






          Rs. 375


You can find this mascara available at beautybar.pk and also at Makeup Revolution kiosks in Karachi only. 


This is a drug store average mascara and for the price tag its a quite reasonable purchase. However if you are looking for something more then certainly there are brands offering much better options.

I hope you liked the quick review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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