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I have seen people going crazy over Pixi Glow Tonic. It seems to be all the rage these days. Apparently its some sort of a magic potion which is supposed to provide you a glowy skin. Initially I had no idea what it does and that is what made me google the product. It has mixed reviews which made me skeptical about purchasing it since a 100 ml bottle costs Rs. 2500. The results are variant depending upon skin types and some feel a difference after sometime and some don't. 

Quite recently, Makeup Revolution launched its sister brand by the name of Freedom Professional in Pakistan. The brand has existed for quite sometime internationally but recently introduced in Pakistan. How I used to drool over its products over the web and dream of getting them some day. I have always been very fascinated by its wide array of products and it always appealed to me as a professional grade brand but with a pocket friendly price tag. I wouldn't exactly call it a drug store brand solely based on the pricing, the quality and product creativity makes me think of it as a brand used by real professionals. Freedom Professional has a Glycolic radiance toner which is considered to be a dupe of Pixi Glow Tonic but with double the product and equally less the price. Glycolic Radiance Toner is what I shall be reviewing today in this post. 

Freedom Professional Pro Studio Glycolic Radiance Toner

Lets start off with the packaging. Glycolic radiance toner comes in a sleek plastic transparent bottle with 200 ml content. The toner is dark amber in color somewhat like Pixi glow tonic but definitely darker in tone. The toner has a watery, runny consistency and can be accessed via top holed plug. The foiled label gives it a classy look but I find it hard to photograph due to its reflective nature. In fact, same is the case with Makeup Revolution labels as well, they are also super reflective and hard to photograph. The toner has nice light fragrance which can be felt upon application but fades out pretty fast. 

Freedom Professional Pro Studio Glycolic Radiance Toner

Freedom Professional Pro Studio Glycolic Radiance Toner
Usage Instructions: 

Saturate a cotton wool pad and sweep across face and neck after cleansing. For best results, use morning and evening. 

Freedom Professional Pro Studio Glycolic Toner applied on a cotton pad
The results seem quite obvious from the picture below. The cotton pad below has been used on my neck and face after using a face cleanser and a face polisher. As much as I expected my face to be clean and devoid of any dirt, this shocked me.  Active ingredients include ginseng and aloe-vera. Ginseng is known for brightening and revitalizing the skin and has anti aging properties. 

Cotton pad after use on face and neck


Coming to the performance of the product, its a very gentle toner. Although it claims to be an exfoliating toner, I haven't felt the exfoliating effect, probably due to the absence of exfoliating particles I am so used to. However I have found it to be an excellent cleanser. I always use it after washing my face with a face wash, drying off with a towel. Even after a fresh wash, it takes off a layer of dirt from my skin each time. It reminds me of Clean & Clear astringent which has been my staple product since ages. Freedom Professional Glycolic toner is much gentler than the Clean & Clear astringent and has more or less the same effect and is also not stingy at all. It leaves my skin clean, fresh and bright. It takes sometime to absorb into the skin more or less 30 to 45 seconds to dry out. However it leaves a layer of itself over the skin which can be felt upon touch. It does not leave the skin feeling heavy but you can surely feel a residue upon touching. I apply it over my face and neck before foundation application in the morning and it provides a subtle glow over the skin which reflects on to foundation as well. It does not make the skin feel oily and has no impact on the foundation other than the light glow. 

Skin before toner application

Skin before toner application
Skin after toner application

Skin after toner application
Initially when I put this product to test, my skin had some zits as I had slept with my makeup on. Just with one overnight application of this Glycolic radiance toner I could feel a visible difference next morning. The appearance of zits had reduced considerably. Although it does not mention anything about the zits but it worked well in this condition of mine. 

At this point, its too early for me to judge if this product provides a lasting glow or not. It definitely gives you a glow upon application but the glow doesn't last for days. The continuous use is what makes the skin glow but it doesn't last. 

This product has been compared to Pixi a lot. Since I have not used Pixi, I am providing a stand alone review on it with no comparisons. On its own, its a pretty good affordable product performance wise and would prove to be a good addition in your skin care regimen without denting your pocket. 

Before and after comparison






             Rs. 950


Freedom Professional Glycolic Radiance toner can be purchased online from Beautybar.pk and daraz.pk

I hope you liked my quick review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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