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Hello Lovelies!

I am back with another Glowybox post. It happens to be my favorite sub services these days. As mentioned in my previous post, this is one service which matches and can compete at an international level. This time around, Glowybox followed the Valentine's day theme and did things a little different. Read my post to find out. 
February Glowybox

I am literally gaga over the box. Their box is real sturdy and carries weight, Moreover the design and logo screams "Professional" to the core. Taking it a step further, the inside is equally beautiful with excellent finishing, flawlessly glued every nook and cranny. To up the game, in February, Glowbox changed the color of their box probably to showcase a themed box. Since it was Valentines day, the box was of grey color. I don't know what grey symbolized, maybe 50 shades of grey!!! who knows. But all I know is it was different this month - the color of the box, the additional chocolates and heavily perfumed goodies. I think they over did the perfume though. The chocolates reeked of perfume and even tasted like it. But I am not complaining. 

February Glowybox goodies
The base of the box
Yes to tomatoes detoxifying charcoal paper mask, Nyx Laurel Canyon eye shadow, Benefit dandelion deluxe size, OPI nail color deluxe size, Formula 10.0.6 Best  Face daily foaming cleanser, Loccitane milk concentrate sachet
1. Yes to tomatoes detoxifying charcoal paper mask

It seems masks is all the rage these days. Every now and them my Facebook timeline and Instagram feed is full of posts with people applying masks or selling masks. I was also very excited to try on this mask. I missed to take further pictures of the product, this particular mask is black in color signifying the color of charcoal. I found this a unique thing since I have only happened to come across white sheet masks. I put the mask on my face and surprisingly the mask was small on my face and it did not fit fully. The  sides of my face (area next to the ears) remained uncovered by the mask. I usually apply masks for 15 minutes on average and removed the sheet. I massaged the residual liquid onto my skin with my fingers and went to sleep afterwards without washing my face. Very next morning I could feel a slight difference in my skin. My skin felt fresh, glowy and hydrated. Keep in mind this is no magical product hence regular use is what will create a lasting difference. Since I only got to use it once, I mentioned the immediate effect. The effect however lasted for a day only.     

Tes to tomatoes detoxifying charcoal paper mask
 2. Loccitane Milk concentrate with Almond milk

I have heard real good things about Loccitane products but haven't had the chance to try their full sized products to ascertain the hype. This time I received a sachet sized milk concentrate which can be used once only. Its supposed to nourish and smooth the skin. 

Loccitane milk concentrate
3. Nyx Laurel Canyon eye shadow 

As part of 2106 Holidays collection Nyx launched L.A. Library set that contained 10 single eye shadows stacked in the form of books on a library shelf. I received one shade in my Glowybox, Laurel Canyon which is a nice pigmented plum shade. perfect for Winters smoked look. 
Nyx Laurel Canyon eye shadow
Nyx Laurel Canyon eye shadow
 4. OPI mini nail color

The mini OPI nail color I received is a burnt rose color. The shade name isn't mentioned anywhere on the bottle. It just says 48 at the bottom so I am assuming it to be the shade number.  

OPI mini nail color
 5. Benefit Dandelion deluxe 

Now this is the star product of the February box, benefit dandelion deluxe size. Its a very pretty pink blush with finely milled glitter particles that add a beautiful sheen on the skin leaving a natural flushed glowy look. Glowbox has priced it at Rs. 2200 to calculate the money worth out of February's box. In my opinion Rs. 2200 is over pricing for this deluxe sized product. Its being sold between $8 to $10 and I would price it around Rs. 1500 to Rs. 1800 but definitely not Rs. 2200. I find the price misleading for this star item. However I am super please to receive it in my sub box.

Benefit dandelion deluxe
Benefit dandelion deluxe
6. Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward daliy foaming cleanser
Lastly the box contained a foaming cleanser. The cleanser is 50 ml in size, very travel friendly with its sleek packaging. I am using the cleanser these days and I would say its pretty average. Nothing outstanding about it. Like its says, its your daily use cleanser. Its one of those products which you don't happen to like much but keep using anyway just because you have spent money on it or for the sake of finishing it. 

Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser

This sums up my review for Glowybox February edition. Mentioning again, it was a Valentine's day themed box with cut out hearts and additional bite size chocolates. The gesture was lovely which made me feel special as a customer. The items were value for money in my opinion for Rs. 3000 inclusive of delivery charges. 

You can subscribe to Glowybox by clicking on this link.   

I hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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