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Hi Beautiful!

Back in July 2016 I had the displeasure of ordering the Ignite Box. What is an Ignite Box? Ignite Box is another subscription service that has sadly popped up in Pakistan. The owner happens to live in England and ships stuff to Pakistan. Along with running an online shop for custom orders, she started a sub service as well. To be honest I liked the contents of the box but the customer service is downright shitty, which is why I have never opted for this box again. To know more about my experience with Ignite Box, read my post. 

Ignite Box - July 2016
The story begins with me registering myself for the Ignite Box on July 12th via the link provided on Instagram. I receive an email asking for subscription confirmation. I fill out the form on July 25th and apply for the Smart box. I shall go into the detail of what a Smart Box is, later in the post. I applied for the box at 09:40 am and receive an email by Ignite Box's owner, Bina at 1:51 pm for payment details. The email details are as below:

Payment process 


This is to let you know your order has been processed successfully, your details have been recieved and they will now be processed for the box making.

Your chosen box will be getting dispatched from London on 19th July, and you will then be receiving your first beauty box by 26th july.

Below are the payment details that you have opted for, you will need to make a payment by 25th July, in order for your box to be dispatched on time. Once you have made the payment, just reply to this email with a message 'PAYMENT DONE'. You will then receive another email with your order details.

If you don't want to order the box no more, kindly reply to this email saying 'ORDER CANCELLED', so i can take your name off the list.

if you have opted for Bank deposits, these are the account details:

Name: Faizan ahmed
Account number:11760095000778015
Bank Al habib karachi

If you have opted for Easy Paisa, use the easy paisa account details below:

Name: Muhammad suffiyan
Easy paisa acc num: 034302087472
Mob num: 03132124885

Note: This is the easy paisa account number, ask the shop keeper to transfer money into easy paisa account and NOT on a NIC number. 

You may whatsapp on this number for any enquiry you may have:


Thank you so much for placing your Ignite beauty box.


After reading her email, I processed the payment and emailed her at 02:03 pm saying payment has been done. I receive an email from her at 02:22 pm confirming me that payment has been accepted and I shall be getting my box by July 28th. 

Payment Recieved 

Order number: 1126

Hi Myra,

This is to confirm that you're payment has been recieved, and your order is now fully confirmed. Your box will be getting dispatched on 19th July 2016, and you will receive your box by 28th July.

You will receive an SMS once you're box has reached Pakistan. Below are your details, if anything is not correct kindly let me know via 'whatsapp'.

I hope you'll love your first box and enjoy all the products included inside.

Thank you for placing your order.

I patiently waited for my box and emailed her on July 29th, telling her that I didn't receive my box. I didn't get any response to my email. Then I emailed her again on August 1st, asking for an update to which she responded that the next batch of Ignite boxes will be leaving UK on 9th August and I shall receive mine by 18th August as all previous boxes are sold out. 

Note here the following things: 

1. How her response got delayed after receiving the payment which is so annoying. I hate how eager sellers are to respond and ask for quick payments and once the payment is done, whooshhh! they disappear and don't bother with your emails or texts. 

2. Consider the shitty services where she failed to inform me that all boxes have been sold out and there would be a delay of 20 days for receiving my box. I, making the payment promptly am not bound to run after the seller asking for my box. There is a thing known as customer services and also a term "responsibility" where you are supposed to keep your customer informed in case of any delays. 

3. Now here is another thing, what happened to seller's mathematical skills? Did she fail to keep track of her orders or the number of boxes she dispatched? Why wasn't I informed on time about the delay? There was ample enough time, I could have been informed before placing the order if their slot was full or even after, but NO! coz... who gives a shit? 

So it comes, August 19th, and still no box. I email her again on 19th asking for the status of my box and receive no response. Then I email her again on August 21st requesting her to respond to my email. She finally replies, telling me that yes, she can see my Smart box has not been delivered yet and it got delayed again because she received an unexpected number of orders and I shall be receiving mine by the end of next week as the new boxes were dispatched on the 19th. 

Points to note again:

1. I opted for the July box making the payment within 10 mins of request and a month has passed, no box arrived. 

2. Woman, you are running a business, ever heard of the concept of FIFO? How bad is your mathematics really? You have no understanding of who placed the order when and who gets to receive the box earlier or how to keep track of orders. This is utterly disappointing and annoying. 

Its August 30th now and guess what? Still no box. I shoot out a rude email to her mentioning that I still have not received my box although 3 rounds of deliveries have been made. I also gave her a piece of my mind letting her know that she is bad at keeping track of her orders or anticipating the demand. If she can not deliver she might as well refund my money. Again there is no response from her side and I send another email to her on September 9th asking her to respond or let me know about my order status. 

I finally receive my order on September 10th and receive an email from her asking me if I received my order today? Frankly, I did not bother responding to her email. I was too up my head by then with wait. Placing my order a few days after Eid ul Fits, my box arrived 2 days before Eid ul Adha. You can do the maths yourself and calculate how long I waited. Now coming to the part where I show you what I received in my box...
Ignite Box - July 2016 

Ignite Box - July 2016 contents
1. Makeup Revolution eye palette in Iconic 1
2. Ted Baker body spray
3. Sleek face contour kit
4. P.S. matte nails
5. Benefit high beam deluxe size
6. Origins clay mask deluxe size

Contents of July 2016 Ignite box
The first item is Sleek's face contour kit which comes with one contour and one highlighting shade. 

Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light
The highlight of the box was receiving 1 high end product which was a deluxe sized high beam by benefit cosmetics. 

Benefit high beam deluxe size
The next item in my box was this set of matte false nails by Primark along with an adhesive. I do not use false nails, hence this item was a waste for me. 

Primark set of 36 matte false nails with adhesive
Makeup Revolution London Iconic palette 1, also easily available in Pakistan.

Makeup Revolution palette in Iconic 1
I had not had the pleasure of trying Origins products earlier and this mask was very much welcomed. I would review this mask in a separate post as I have much to say about it. But I am much pleased to received this deluxe sized clay mask. 

Origins Original skin retexturizing mask with rose clay
Lastly, another of my favorite item from the box is Ted Baker's mini body spray. I very much like Ted Baker products and this body spray was a welcome treat. The fragrance is really nice. Its slightly sweet and more tangy which makes it perfect for me. It also lasts good 6 to 8 hours which makes it more appealing to me. 

Ted Baker mini body spray
As I mentioned earlier in my post I ordered the Smart box. What is a Smart Box? 

Smart box is a low cost option for anyone on a budget. The products will focus on drugstore brands but will include mini luxury brands in deluxe sizes. 

The price of Smart box is Rs. 5500 inclusive of all charges. 

The other option is the Spoilt box which is luxurious treat for anyone looking towards trying high end beauty products. It will mainly contain brands that are very hard to get hold off. 

The Spoilt box is priced at Rs. 11,000. 


My experience with Ignite box was not pleasant at all which is why I never ordered it again and do not recommend anyone opting for it either. I came to know she is very active on Snap chat and I am following her there. Apparently the delays are habitual. Her Snap chats are full of gazillion excuses for order delays. I find her highly unprofessional with non serious attitude towards her business and lacking in responsible business behavior. I am happy with the products included in the Smart Box but they were not worth the wait and annoyance I was put through. You can visit Ignite Box on their insta page by clicking here

I hope you find this review helpful in making wise choices when opting for a Sub service. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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