|Review|: Benefit They're Real Beyond Mascara (deluxe)

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Hi Beautiful!

I am into mascaras these days and trying different ones. This review was written way back but I am so slow in publishing at times. Its sometimes so hard to keep up. Winters are lethargic and I find myself struggling to write reviews. Nonetheless, I am hoping to post this one in one go. Benefit Better than sex mascara is popular globally for its amazing performance. Unfortunately I have not had the chance of trying it out as I am not really a mascara person. My barely there sparse lashes don't let me use mascaras much. Plus I am more of an eyeliner woman. But this has not stopped me from experimenting with mascaras and I do use them on special occasions.

Benefit they're real beyond mascara (deluxe size)

Benefit they're real beyond mascara
Here is what Benefit claims about its they're real mascara:

  • 94% saw dramatic length and volume
  • 90% saw base to tip curl
  • 94% saw visible lift
  • 100% saw long wearing results

Lets see how Benefit lives up to its claims



The deluxe size comes in a grey silver 3 inch packaging which is enough to last you multiple uses. The full size is a much larger bottle in same color. I got myself the black one, However its also available in brown and blue. 

Benefit they're real beyond mascara - deluxe size

Applicator brush

Single coat applied

Side view - Benefit They're real beyond mascara

Lashes after using 1 coat of Benefit They're real beyond mascara
My Thoughts:

This mascara actually works for me. The formulation is excellent. Its the right formulation of being wet without being too wet or strand like, neither is it flaky or too drying. Its build-able so you can apply coats and take it from being natural to dramatic without making a mess. One to two coats will give the natural lengthening, depth and volume while 3 coats might make it a little too voluminous and clumpy. For every day use I find it the perfect mascara. It lengthens like falsies. I am not a fan of putting on falsies neither do I have the expertise of applying them so my best solution is using a good mascara and this is where Benefit They're real beyond mascara steps in. It provides a very natural defined look to my lashes and I do not observe any flakes falling on my cheeks all day. The whole science of this mascara lies in the uniquely designed brush which enables to coat individual lash and doesn't let them clump. To sum it up. I'll say benefit they're real mascara totally lives upto its claims. 







Yes, some may find the mascara to be on the expensive side but considering the quality, performance and the fact that it doesn't dry up all too soon, the price is worth the investment for hassle free lashes


You can order this mascara from online Facebook stores. I got my deluxe one from Makup4u's exhibition. 


If you are a daily mascara wearing person and prefer voluminous longer lashes with a natural finish then this mascara is the one for you. 

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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