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Hi Beauties!

Today's post is about eyeshadows :) I got these lovely mono eye shades from City Towers and I am totally in love with them. This is dreamgirl range by 4U2 cosmetics. Its a U.S. brand and they have a huge range of cosmetics. You can find their blushes, lipsticks, quad eye shadows, lip glosses. However they are available in selected stores and areas.

Dream girl mono eye shadows

Dream girl mono eye shadows

One is a shade of brown and the other one is light pink. Here is a swatch of them.

Dream girl mono eye shadow in brown

Dream girl mono eye shadow in pink

Just see how highly pigmented they are. The color is so smooth and how it has settled onto my skin. They have a creamy shimmery touch. You can apply it with the help of an applicator or a smooth finger. I have seen many pink eye shadows but seriously very few of them have been pigmented. Just see how rich the pink color is. I know I ought not to but I can not help myself comparing these eye shadows with Luscious mono eye shadows. Whenever I use these I compare them with Luscious. I find these dream girl eye shadows to be more pigmented and smooth than Luscious. Dreamgirl eyeshade costs Rs. 250 while Luscious eyeshade costs Rs. 325. Dreamgirl eyeshade comes in 3g packing while Luscious eyeshade comes in 2.5g packing. Here I dont mean to snub or degrade Luscious, they have amazing cosmetics I just find these eye shadows to be better than theirs.

Dream girl mono eye shadows

You can check out 4U2 wesite by clicking on this link 4U2. These eyshadows are also availabe in two different palettes. I would recommend you to grab these wherever, whenever. They are super amazing.

Let me know what you think about my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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