How I store my makeup palettes

10:19 AM

Hi Beauties!

Today I am going to show you how I store my makeup palettes. Last week I went to Tesoro Accessories and saw this wonderful thing and decided to buy it instantly since I had been having problems with keeping my palettes in an organized manner.

Its a thick plastic box which looks just like a shoe box bus has some wonderful uses. The below picture is the top of the box. On lid pretty pictures of some makeup products are etched which means the box is definitely for storing makeup items but then again you can put it to any use of your choice. 

When unlided, This is  the internal view of the box. You can see that its quite spacious and you can store quite alot of stuff in it.

It has a silver metallic handle as well but its only on one side.

As you can see I have stored quite alot of my palettes and still there is space to keep some more. My makeup products have become pretty much organized now. All palettes are in one place now and I can easily browse through all these palettes and choose what I want. You can use the box for any other storage purposes you like. I got this box from Tesoro accessories, Qaddaffi Stadium Branch for Rs. 575. They have another branch in Defence as well. You must check them out as they have a huge variety of lingerie, jewellery, hand bags, wallets, clutches and western dresses too. You can check out their group on Facebook by clicking on the following link.

Hope you liked my idea of storing makeup. Post in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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