Palladio Eye Shadow Quads

10:10 AM

Hi Beauties!

Since by now you all would have judged how loose I am when it comes to shopping. Taking a trip to a single shop means that no matter what, I would end up buying something for myself so here is what happened with me again. I went to Shoppe Liberty markets to get myself a chocolate and this is what I ended up buying. 

Its Palladio herbal eyeshadow quad in somkey eyes.

These are non builded swatches of each shade. I swiped them once with my finger and swatched them on my hand and below is the result I got. The shades seem pretty much pigmented and when builded they look wonderful. I tried them out on my eyes and they looked superb.

I got this palette for Rs. 750 and I am loving this palette. Infact I think I am going to place this in my beauty bag and carry it at all times with me in my purse. I would give it a 5/5 and would recommend you girls to give it a try. They are available in several other wonderful shades. Comment on this post and let me know what you think about me my new love. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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