Another Accessorize Bracelet

10:38 AM

Hi Beauties!

By now you must have realized how obsessed I have become with accessorize :) But this time I did not get it myself I got it as a present from a friend of mine and its even prettier than any other before. Take a look at it yourself.

If you remember from my first post I mentioned that I love the design on their plastic handbag, but just check out their gift box. It has the same imprint and is so pretty.

Thats just not it. Check out the inside ot the box. Click on the image to get a larger view. The same imprint is tiled inside the box, just too pretty! and see the pink wrapper? That has my gift neatly wrapped ;)

So taking out the pink crepe wrapper the gift is neatly wrapped inside and taped with a nice round Accessorize insignia tape.

And behold! here is what is inside the wrapper :D

Yes, it is another charmed bracelet. But this one is even prettier with loads and loads of charm in it.

Click on the images to see a better and larger view of the images. The charms will be more visible. But just to name a few this bracelet has a shoe, clock, horseshoe, tong, key, lock, heart, bird cage, kettle, cup, comb, lotion bottle and a lot lot more. I am so ecstatic after getting this bracelet as a present. Can't thank my friend enough.

The bracelet is priced at Rs. 2800 and is available at Accessorize, Mall of Lahore outlet, not sure if its available in the Xinhua Mall outlet or not. You can check out their facebook fan page here and order online. There is a 20% off for students offer going on these days and I guess only 3 days are left to avail this offer so hurry up and get your shopping done now.

Overall I would rate this bracelet as a 5/5 for its style and durability. Comment on the post and let me know if you like my gift. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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