[Guest Post] 5 Things About Wrinkles That Are Actually True

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As we age, wrinkles become the bane of us all. Sure, they’re a totally natural part of the aging process and can add a little character to our face, but with time, they take over our face, making us look weathered and tired. Not a pretty sight, indeed!

The best way to eliminate your wrinkles is by learning more about them so you understand what they actually are. Did you know these 5 things about wrinkles that are actually true?

1. Wrinkles are lines and creases in the skin that result form the effects of aging and damaging environmental factors (i.e. sun exposure, aridity). Over time, the skin thins and weakens as collagen, elastin and moisture levels deplete. Your skin becomes more fragile, and eventually starts to sag, forming wrinkles and bags. Prevention is the best way to stop development, although some treatments can help treat existing problems.

2. There are two types of wrinkles: dynamic and static. While both look the same, it’s how they’re formed that is different. Dynamic wrinkles are created from repeatedly using your facial muscles, such as when you smile, squint and frown – in fact, relaxing the muscles is how BOTOX treats dynamic wrinkles. Static wrinkles are created by either the effect of dynamic wrinkles or other factors.

3. While you may faithfully follow a skincare regimen and take care of your skin, certain lifestyle habits can still contribute to their formation. Smoking is one habit that accelerates the development of wrinkles, particularly around your eyes and mouth. Suntanning is another habit that contributes directly to wrinkles, as UV exposure has been scientifically linked to the destruction of healthy and elastic skin.

4. People with dry skin get wrinkles faster than people with oily skin. The natural oils in your skin, known as sebum, protect the skin from the environment and keep it hydrated. But when there aren’t enough oils being produced, your skin is more prone to damage and consequently, wrinkles. If you’ve got dry skin, make sure you apply moisturizer regularly to keep your skin supple.

5. Your beauty sleep may be giving you wrinkles, not helping you prevent them – but only if you’re a front sleeper. Imagine how long your face is pressed into the pillow every night, squishing up your skin around your eyes. This habit contributes to wrinkles because the creases created around your eyes eventually become permanent as skin continues to weaken with age and becomes less elastic. Your skin can no longer bounce back as nicely as when you’re young, which is why any wrinkles you form through all hours of the night become permanent over time.

Cindy Clark is a medical aesthetic consultant who specializes in beauty treatments that require no surgery. She writes for Skin Vitality, one of Canada’s largest beauty clinics.

Cindy Clark
Patient Care Specialist
Skin Vitality Medical Clinic


Thank you Cindy for the informative tips. I certainly did not know some of the above things. I am sure the readers will also benefit from this post :)

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