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Hi Beauties!

Today is going to be a fun post. The one we all girls love to read...... Yes! a Haul Post :D So like I said in my previous post that I got some Essence stuff from Enem and I'll be sharing my recent buys with you beauties.

So this is what I got myself this time.

These are the skin products and below are the cosmetic products by essence.

Now coming to the details, firstly I'll show you the skin range products I ogot for myself one by one. First one is the 4 in 1 cleansing cream. Its for Rs. 360.

Next is the essence my skin refreshing toner, a must have after using a cleanser. The toner is for Rs. 310.

Next thing in the my skin range is moisturizing cream gel. It cost me Rs. 310.

The cream is really moisturizing and is light green in color just like a cucumber.

This is Essence perfume from their Urban messages collection. The moment I smelled it, I fell in love with is. It has a stron fragrance and lasts for approximately two days. Its not a mild scented perfume it has a real dense fragrance and I love it.


This is how it is packed isnide the cardboard box. Its placed inside this thin blue corrugated cardboard.

It comes in a 50ml bottle and cost me Rs. 1000 or Rs. 1050. Do not remember exactly but know for sure that is was within this price range. 

Now moving towards the cosmetic range. These are the things I got for myself. First is the small eyeshadow palette.

There were two palettes, one was in nude brown shades and the other one was this one. I chose to go for this one as I already have a few nude brown palettes. This palette is in number 01 South beach. This one also is for Rs. 460.


This is eyeshadow chalk from the urban messages range. It is in number 01 Skyscrapper.

It is a lovely grey black shade. Though the chalk looks black but when applied it gives a glittery grey black shade. The glitter particles are silver and look amazing at night. Its for Rs. 360.

This is liquid eye shadow base just like a lip gloss. Its for Rs. 390.

Essence Lipstick in number 53, All about cupcake. Its a lovely delicious pink shade.

Essence lipsticks are not matte. They are a little glossy and very moisturizing and have a very nice smell and taste to them. This one smells like raspberry. Its for Rs. 310.

This nail color is also from the Urban messages range. Its a grey mushroom sort of pastel shade and looks lovely on nails. Its in number 02, Skyscrapper. I have already revied this. You can check out the review here. This one is for Rs. 280.


I forgot to take pictures of the last nail color. Its a greenish aloe cucumber shade in number 70, Viva la green and is a very nice summery color. It was for Rs. 200.

This is all about the Essence haul. Hope you liked my new buys. Would be reviewing these products soon. Share your views with me. I would love to hear from you. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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