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There are some brands who have excellent quality products, excellent variety but some how do not manage to be on the top list or are not that renowned. Diana of London I would say is one such brand in Pakistan. I usually hear girls talking about Loreal, Rimmel and Luscious in Pakistan but rarely about Diana of London. I would say the brand is highly under estimated. Although I see their counters in almost all good stores but yet it is a brand not much hyped about. I do not know how or why but my first product from this brand was their eye liner pencil. After that I got two lipsticks from this brand and later I also recommended my collegue to give this brand a try and she got herself a mascara, compact powder and a foundation and is totally satisfied.

Diana of London pure addiction lipstick in 09 - Pink blush
Today I am reviewing Diana of London's pure addiction lipstick. I saw its review for the first time on Sara Hassan's blog. You can check out her review here as well. I was already using the eye liner pencil which by the way is really good. Sara's review actually firmed my decision to give the lipstick a try. I went to Raja Sahib Link Road Model Town (they have a display counter there) and tested a few lipstick shades on my hand. I loved the result on my hand and bought myself a lovely shade of pink.

Diana of London pure addiction lipstick in 09 - Pink blush

The lipsticks come in a cardboard box that is grey and maroon purple grape color. I personally like the shape and body of the lipstick. The rotatable part of the lipstick is silver and so is the rest of the body. Only the lid is grape colored with pure addiction lipstick written on it.

Diana of London pure addiction lipstick in 09 - Pink blush

I got myself a light shade of pink which is Pink Blush and is number 09. It is an amazing pink shade with a very little hint of beige undertone.

Diana of London pure addiction lipstick in 09 - Pink blush

I took this picture from a distance so this is how the lipstick looks like from a distance but the next picture shows off a completely different shade.

Diana of London pure addiction lipstick in 09 - Pink blush

This is a close up of the shade. Here it looks like a pink purple shade probably due to excess light in the surroundings. The picture above is the actual shade of the lipstick.

Diana of London pure addiction lipstick in 09 - Pink blush

This is how the color looks like on my lips. I would say it is a nude pink shade and can be worn with almost any color of clothes if you are a nude lover which I definitely am. This color however might not suit you if you have a darker skin tone or darker shade of lips. The true color of the lipstick will not pop out then.

Diana of London pure addiction lipstick in 09 - Pink blush

Diana of London pure addiction lipsticks claim to have:
  • Ultra soft texture providing a feeling of lightness and absolute comfort
  • Luminous and excellent color payoff
  • Velvety finish with Vitamin E & anti-ageing properties
I would say that Diana of London absolutely stands on what it claims about their pure addiction lipsticks. I found these lipsticks to be really creamy, smooth and moisturizing. I do not need to apply a lip gloss for a glossy effect over this lipstick, it itself is creamy enough to do the job. It smells really nice on the lips. Everytime I put it on my lips a vision of eating it passes through my mind :0 I really like the pigmentation and color payoff of the lipstick. Coming to the important part that is the staying power of the lipstick, so let me elaborate that in detail. My work hours are from 9 to 5.30 and I apply this listick at around 8.45 in the morning. After that I drink water or juice or may eat something too. Then at 1.30 after my lunch I refresh my lipstick. Right before refreshing I have observed that almost 40% of the color is observable over the lips. Once refreshed it stays put on my lips and the same drinking routine continues. When I get back home I can clearly observe at least 40% of the color remaining on my lips. With all this observation I would pass the verdict that it has a good staying power.

You can check out their website by clicking on the link here and also their Facebook page here.

All in all I simply love this lipstick and will definitely buy this color again and again. I would rate this product a 4.7/5 and would recommend you girls to give it out a try. It is reasonable priced at Rs. 595 and is available at all leading stores like Al Fatah, Enem, Hyperstar, Raja Sahib, Victoria in Lahore. I know this post got real long but I wanted to give out a very detailed review on the lipstick to express my love for it. Hope you liked it. Drop in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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