Goofing with Fimo canes!!

12:01 PM

Hi Beauties!

Here is a fun post for you girls. I am going to share my first ever experience with fimo canes. This post is for all those who fail in their first attempts, be it at applying fimo canes or creating an eye look or a flawless makeup application. Its ok if you do not do well the first time. It requires time and practice to improve so do not lose hope and be a little patient. So here is my first goofy attempt to putting on fimos on my nails :)

Here is what I used:

1. A nail color to serve as a base coat. Im using Sally Hansen French shell shimmer in natural color. It has shimmer particles and gives out a very natural shimmery glow to the nails.

Sally Hansen fresh shell shimmer in natural color

2. A blade to cut the fimos. I tried this surgical blade and later a paper cutter too but my hands gave away. I am going to get myself a proper fimo cutter now. I found it really hard to cut fimos :(

Fimo cutter blade

3. A fimo cane. I purchased a few from from JMC. You can check out its Face book page by clicking on the link. I also did a haul post for the things I got formyself. You can also view the post for fimos here. Each fimo cost me around Rs. 100.

Fimo cane

4. A nail glue. I used Kroxx nail glue. Got it for Rs. 60 from Raja Sahib Link Road Model Town.

Krox nail glue

5. A clear top coat. I am using Medora base coat for top coating after the application of fimos. Its for Rs. 95 and is available at almost all cosmetics and departmental stores.

Medora base coat

How I did it and what Happened:

I started off with applying Sally Hansen French shell shimmer as a base coat and letting it dry. When I was sure it has dried off I started off with cutting the fimo stick with the surgical blade you see above in the pictures. My Goodness! I never thought I'll be required to take in some energy boosting tabs before cutting them. I found it really hard to cut them, required quite some force. I thought maybe its the blade so I used a paper cutter instead but that too was of no avail. The results were the same. Few of them were really thick some of them slashed from the middle and they got cut in whatever mood the fimo felt like. Oh well I did not want to waste them and wanted to see how they look on my nails so I still used them. I put a drop of Kroxx nail glue on the nail where I wanted to stick the fimos and with the help of a tweezer I put the fimo over the glue drop. Apply a little pressure over the fimo with the tweezer for sometime till you are sure that fimo is sticked in place. You might notice the fimo slipping here and ther over the nail but you will get a hang of how much pressure to apply so that the fimo does not move. After sticking all the fimos I applied the Medora top coat and let it dry. Here is the final look

See how uneven and thick the fimos I have cut. But not to worry, this was my first attempt and I intend to improve with every application. My morale is still high :p I'll definitely do another post when I apply them again. This was all to my first encounter with fimos, I hope you enjoyed my goofy post. Drop in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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