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Hi Beauties!

I don't know why I am suddenly reviewing so many lipsticks. Whenever I think about doing a post the first thing that pops into my mind is a review on lipstick. Maybe its because I usually take photos before going to work and lipstick is the most apparent makeup product I have on my face. So anyways be it. I guess its ok as long I am reviewing at least something on the blog. Today I am reviewing Glitz lipstick by the 4U2 brand. Its an American brand by Bel Air cosmetics designed for twenty something and teenage girls. The whole range is not available in Pakistan as yet but whatever variety is here I'd say is, really good.

4U2 glitz shimmer lipstick in 01

I recently got my hands on their shimmer lipsticks from the Glitz line. Its an ultra glam shimmer party lipstick nicely packed in a hard plastic cover. I kind of like the 4U2 packaging, I find it really chic and decent.

4U2 glitz shimmer lipstick in 01

The lipstick weighs 4 gms and is of standard size like most lipsticks. The lipstick itself looks really fine and smooth but I do not like the container of the lipstick. The plastic is really light and looks of cheap quality and I think would also easily crack if the lipstick falls on the floor accidentally.

4U2 glitz shimmer lipstick in 01

Glitz lipsticks come in 10 different shades and all of them are available in stores that carry 4U2 cosmetics. I got myself the very first lipstick I tested. Though it looks a pure pink color but on application it appears a little peachy. It has a peach undertone and is a very light pink shade with shimmer in it. Glitz lipsticks are not named but are only numbered so the one I got is 01.

4U2 glitz shimmer lipstick in 01

This is how it looks on my lips and my goodness im loving my lips in this picture with this color :p Like I mentioned before, its a light pink shade with a touch of peach as an undertone shade. Though not visible in the picture but there is shimmer in the lipstick.

4U2 glitz shimmer lipstick in 01 - swatch

Though I love the shade but I did not find its application easy on my lips. Due to shimmer particles in the lipstick I found it blotchy. When I apply it on my lips it makes blotchy marks and I need to use a lip brush to spread it evenly on the lips which I find time consuming. Its completely odourless, no nice or bad smell at all. The lipstick is pigmented enough but the shimmer prevents an even application. I could actually feel the shimmer on the lipstick while applying it. Its really smooth and moisturising not matte at all but not glossy either. I would say its a great lipstick and if I like any other shade I may buy it. I would rate it 3.5/5 and would recommend it to give it a try if you are into shimmery and subtle lips but not flashy and shining.

I got this one from Al Fatah Linerty Market for Rs. 500. I think its a little over priced. Its not all that classy and great to be priced at this amount. But it was worth a try and I do not regret buying this shade since peach colors dont suit me much but this one sure did. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments I love to read them. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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