Haroon's Bags: Part III

3:29 PM

Hi Beauties!

This is a post long due. I am sure by now you must have forgotten about the first 2 bags of the series. I misplaced my previous memory card, found it yesterday and here I am back today with the third part of the series. No worries, I am providing the links here for Part I and Part II. I got crazy about the bags Haroon's has got and purchased myself these pretty ones. There are still a few pending in the series :o

Pink handbag

Here is the one I purchased in pink. Its a nice bright pink shade with a peach undertone though it is not visible in the picture at all. The bag is made of smooth soft leather. But its solid enough to retain the shape of the bag. It has this arm holders and also a separate long strap in case you feel like hanging it on the shoulder. But I like placing it on my arm without the lenghty strap. The bag came witha white dust protection bag too of which I forgot to take picture.

Pink handbag

Here is the back view of the bag. It has a small zipper pocket at the back. The zipper pocket is kind of small. I can only place my cell phone in it or keys. The pocket is not really that deep or large. But it serves the purpose.

Pink handbag

It has this gold colored stud at the front. It rotates to open up and there is a small pocket at the fornt too. The pocket can hold papers, cards, and such stuff. The pocket itself is large but it isnt spacy. Its thinly stitched so doesnt give much space to keep things.

Pink handbag

This is the inner view of the bag. It has two zipper pockets, one is just at the back of the bag inside and the other one is right in the middle which divides the bad into two compartments. Then there is a mobile pocket and another small pocket right next to the mobile pocket.

Pink handbag - Inner view

I like the color of the bag and also the leather it is made of but somehow I do not find it spacy enough, I really liked it when I purchased it but now I feel as if I purchased it in a haste. I am not comfortable with the shape of the bag. It doesnot appeal to me anymore. Although I am using this bag these days daily and it sure is filled with alot of stuff yet, I don't know it is not that close to my heart anymore. Ever notice, some bags have a weight of their own? If you put few things in them and carry them you feel as if your bag is really heavy. This bag also belongs to the same category, it has a weight of its own. You don't notice it initially but then you realize that My God, your bag really is heavy...

I got this bag from Haroon's Qaddafi Stadium outlet Lahore for Rs. 1895. I would say for the quality and variety the bag is accurately priced. I love buying bags from Haroon's, their bags are just superb and fancy. You can go check out Haroon's in Lahore at Qaddafi, M.M. Alam and Defence. They have other outlets in Isalamabad and Rawalpindi as well. I hauled yesterday from their new outlet in Vogue Towers on M.M. Alam road. Will soon be sharing the haul post with all you guys. Hope you guys liked my bag. Drop in your comments and let me know. I just love to read your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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