How I store my Lipsticks!!!

10:30 AM

Hi Beauties!

So how many of you have problems storing your lipsticks? It happens a lot to me that I put them here and there just because of lack of space hoping to use them later but forget all about them. I was amazed to find lipsticks lying everywhere in my cabinet, in every makeup kit and drawer and tray. I had no idea I have scattered them this much :p Well that was enough for me, it had to stop and the lipsticks had to be organized.

Tin lipstick ontainer

So this is what I came up with. Its a tin box that I purchased from Haroon's Qaddafi Stadium for Rs 325/- Its a medium sized box with lots and lots of colorful butterflies. There is a shoe designed with collective butterflies on the lid of the box. Overall the box looks quite chic and girly. Its available in many sizes and designs and is also available in round shape.

Tin lipstick ontainer

Here is a side view of the box. You can get an idea about the depth of the box.

Tin lipstick ontainer

So this is how I have placed my lipsticks. This is I guess the whole of my lipstick collection. Mostly the shades are nude browns and light pinks since these are the colors I vastly use. You can see a yellow plastic bag stuffed in the corner of the box. Well, thats because the box still isn't full and without the plastic bag stuffing, the lipsticks dont keep up standing and the box gets all cluttered up. This way they keep standing and I can easily figure out the shades. Maybe it will soon get full and the stuffing won't be required anymore.

How do you store your lipsticks? Share your own storing ideas with me. I would love to read about them. How do you like my idea of storation? Comment and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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