Struggling with Nail Art Stamping

5:03 PM

Hi Beauites!

Remember my first post on nail art stamping? No? Let me freshen up your mind then. Here is the link to the post. That was my first attempt to nail art stamping. Wasn't that great but I still am trying :) Here is another attempt I made over the long weekend. This one is also not really successful but so what? I am learning, maybe slow but at least I am trying :p

I liked two design plates on Meem's Nail Art page and ordered them instantly. These plates cost me Rs. 650, Rs. 300 for each plate and Rs. 50 as the delivery charges. I got them the very next day I ordered them.

These are the two plates I ordered. The blue color is plastic sheet coating. You need to remove this sheet in order to use the plate. In order to check out Meem's Nail Art Facebook page here is the link to her page. She has a nice range of stamping plates and is also offering some wonderful discounts. Do not miss it!

Here is another attempt of nail art stamping. The yellow base has been done by Color studio professional nail color in Sunshine. The stamping has been done in green nail art stamping colors by GCOCL. I did not get the design perfectly on the nails but what the heck! I am still learning :p You can see my index finger has only got half of the design and the middle finger has it only in the middle of the nail. Oh well I am sure I'll improve with time. I intend to share my every nail art with you people so that you may also be a part of it and enjoy me goofing around with nail art :) Hope you liked my post. Drop in you comments and let me know. I love to read your feedback and do not forget to take part in the ongoing contest. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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