WTF: I tried it to Bump-it

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Hi Beauties!

Ok this is a post long due. I admit I should have done this post long time back but just was so lazy but after using the Volume Hair Base I definitely owe this post to all you lovelies. You can check out my review on Volume Hair Base here. This is my first WTF post and yes you are right this means what the fudge! and these posts are in contrast to OMG post.... WTF posts will be on the products with which I have had some really bad experiences. Since I have already given you an idea of what is coming your way in the post so lets get on with the review....

These pictures were taken on the day I got these bump its and was really excited to try them out and was very happy and satisfied with my purchase. I had high hopes blooming within me regarding this product.

So bump its come in a thin cardboard box with the TV advertisement lady on the box advertising the bump its and looking all happy and depicting that bump it is the best solution and magic product to bump up our hair. I must say I was totally taken with the pretty lies :@

The bump its come in a set of 5 with one big bump it, two medium sized bump its and two small sized bump its. I still do not get the point of adding two bump its of the same size when none of them works :/ These are made of solid plasitc, banana shaped inserts with plastic out growths for better hair grip and are available in four colors ranging from light to dark hair. Since I have dark hair I ordered black.

Lets begin with the smallest. If you notice in the picture there are small plastic out growths on the bump it which are like velcro to make the bump it grip the hair better and help it to stay put.

So here is what I did, I combed my hair and took out a section of my hair from the front.

Sectioned hair

Next I placed in the smallest bump it and here is the result I got.

After inserting the bump it

Close up

View from some distance

The bump it did not stay put as it should. Moreover the plastic is visible and does not provide the volume it should be providing to the hair.

Now here is another attempt. Lets give the medium sized bump it a try. Its supposed to be placed in the middle of the head and add some volume and bump to the hair. As you can see in the below picture it surely did add volume but it looks so fake and uneven. So this one did not work even.

This is the largest bump it. I could not even place it on my head and cover with hair. I looked like a cone headed alien. It was horrible.

If you google and search bump its over the internet I would say they have a mix sort of feedback. It worked for some and did not for the rest. Girls having thick fizzy hair, this might work for you but girls with thin, sleek, volume less hair I would not recommend. The instruction leaflet that came within the pack says that you need to set it with hair spray and also might have to tease your hair a bit. If teasing is what is required then why use them anyway, teasing naturally adds some volume and the rest of the job would be done by hair spray so why waste money on bump its then? Secondly bump its really require some practice and you might not get the desired results the very first time. Its hard to cover the plastic with hair. Every now and then the plastic keeps on peeking out of the hair. They look really unnatural and fake as you can see from the above picture. The bump its did not work for me at all and I wasted my money on them. This was the only reason I went for Volume Hair Base as these bump its were a total waste for me. If you have thick hair these might work for you but i would never recommend them for thin hair. It may work for right head and hair type but it surely did not work for me. I would rate this product 1/5. Please keep in mind that this review is based on my personal experience and yours might differ from me. Hope you liked my detailed review. Drop in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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