Oriflame Hyacinth scented hand & nail cream

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Hi Beauties!

Like I always insist upon hand care here I am with another hand care item by Oriflame. For the last three months the Oriflame promotional flyer had been carrying around this product on a considerable discount. Though I already had their hand and nail cream which I have been using religiously and it has ended too, I thought of purchasing this hyacinth scented hand and nail cream for a try as it was pretty reasonable on discount.

Oriflame hyacinth scented hand and nail cream comes in a 50 ml soft squeeze tube. Its small in size and can easily be placed in handbag for any time use.

Yes I know my tube has turned yellow *blush*. Its because of two reasons, firstly this was already the last piece available and secondly this has been brutually treated by other things lying in my handbag :p hence the yellowness, a visible proof of mistreatment :p

The cream has a moderate density which means it requires a small amount on hands. It is not runny or thick but is between the two.

My Experience:

Coming to my experience of this cream I would like to mention that before this I have been using Oriflame's Nourishing hand cream for dry hands regularly for quite a few months. You can check out my review on it here. I have experienced the nourishing hand cream changing its smell into not a good one plus it did not last long. So I was not fond of it anymore. On the other hand Hyacinth cream is a better moisturizer as compared to nourishing hand cream and also lasts longer and smells ten times better. It instantly softens the hands and makes them smell real good. On an average a person touches his/her face 3000 times per day. Can you imagine taking your hand to your face and it smelling like shit? No? Then hyacinth is the right cream if you are into soft, smooth and nice smelling hands. Although this cream is cheaper than the nourishing hand cream yet I find it way better. This cream actually over runs my previous review of nourishing hand cream. I would rate hyacinth cream 3.7/5 and would recommend you girls to give it a try. I purchased this cream from Oriflame's Head office located in Garden Town Lahore for Rs. 158 and its totally worth the price. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments as I love to read them. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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