WTF: Oriflame Giordani Gold Anti perspirant 24hr roll-on deodorant

11:08 PM

Hi Beauties!

Ummmm..... ok, so I do like and admire Oriflame products but sometimes when your expectations build up and a thing is unable to meet your expectations, the disappointment gets grave. I think this is what happened with me this time.

Remember my massive Oriflame haul from my previous haul post, I got this thingy in that haul. In case you do not remember here is the link to the post. I was quite tempted to use the roll-on as I was expecting it to be really good since the Giodani Gold range is sort of expensive. Read further to find out my experience.

Oriflame's Giordani Gold anti perspirant roll-on comes in a 50 ml sized plastic bottle. The container is brown gold colored just like the whole Giordani Gold range having golden touch in the packing. I actually like the GG monogram on the bottle. The deo is light weight and is pretty handy.

This is the roller ball on the head and I have some serious issues with this roller ball. I have used different brand roll-ons but never I came across such a lame badly engineered roller ball. See the fluid on the ball and all around the cap tightening screws? This is the roll-on liquid hanging here and there. That thing is either supposed to stay in the bottle or on my under arms, not hanging out on the cap or screws :/

See how it is oozing in the cap. The problem with this deo is that the roller ball is snuck inside the bottle more than necesarry. So what happens is when you roll it on your under arms the already applied fluid keeps on resurfacing back on the bottle and when you screw back the cap the fluid sticks to the cap as well. Moreover it oozes out of the cap, on the bottle too. Hence, not travel friendly at all.

Coming to the fragrance of the roll-on I am highly disappointed on this end too. Oriflame outlet has no tester for this product so I just assumed it would smell good but I did not like it at all. Now, fragrance choice is a very subjective thing. The sort of perfumes and scents I like, it is not necesarry that someone else will like them too. My point here is that wither Oriflame should introduce some samples because everyone has different smell choices. Its impossible to order and buy a fragrance without knowing what is coming your way. Just like I suffered for buying it assuming it to be good.

This product cost me Rs. 279 and I am dissatisfied with this thing. I would not buy it again ever and would also not recommend anyone buying it because of the technical flaw. This is all for the harsh review. I know its very blunt but I did not know how to tame it. Hence a WTF (What the Fudge) post. Drop in your comments and let me know what you think of my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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