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Hi Beauties!

Remember my post on pure skin anti spot Intensive night treatment? No? Here is the link to that post. Anti spot Intensive night treatment gel is something to use on spots and zits at night. However this review is on the anti spot gel which you can use anytime on zits, pimples and spots. I being the lazy girl I am, I stopped using the night treatment gel and guess what due to all the dust around I have got two really really ugly pimples just close to my mouth. These are the gruesome ones that hurt and are deeply rooted under the skin. I used this anti sopt gel on them, read further to know my experience of it.

Essence pure skin anti spot gel

Essence pure skin anti spot gel comes in a 15ml soft tube with a transparent plastic cap and a nozel mouth for precise application.

Essence pure skin anti spot gel

Essence pure skin anti spot gel

Essence pure skin anti spot gel

Its transparent in color and works really well. It has a light fragrance resembling to Clean and clear face washes. What I do is that I squueze the tube a little just on top of the zit and it pours out a drop on the zit. It dries on its own within a minute or two. You might notice a white dry layer where it was applied. Let it be there, it acts like a protective covering over the zit thus preventing the dust and other pollutants to come in contact with the zit and worsening it further. My experience with this anti spot gel has been fine. I carry it in my hand bag at all times. Its small and really handy. Whenever I feel that my pimple is itching I apply it and it soothes the itching right away. To be honest its not a magical gel that you apply it and within a few hours the pimple disappears. It works steadily by reducing the size of the pimple, reducing the redness and pain and then finally the mark of the pimple. It really works well for zapping the pimple and zits but isn't quick to make the after marks and spots disappear. The best feature is its handy and compact so whenever you have a zit problem pop out the gel and zap it! I do not remember the price exactly but it was somewhere between Rs. 350 to Rs. 450. For the price I would say its very economical since a little goes a long way and it works well too. All in all I would rate it 4/5 and highly recommend it.

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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