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Hi Beauties!

Its summer and our skin stays overly moisturized with the oil oozing out of the skin more or less like Oil refineries. Still we can not neglect the importance of a moisturizer. In order to keep the skin hydrated and fresh moisturizer plays a vital role. What I use as a moisturizer is, Essence my skin intensively caring cream for normal to dry skin.

Essence my skin moisturizing cream comes in a cardboad box and is very eye catching. I do not have the cardboard packing as I threw it away before taking pictures of it. The cream itself is in a small plastic jar with 50 ml content.

The cream is very light orange in color more like light peach. I don't know what exactly this color is called as I am not good with color naming but for sure its neither pink nor white. As you can see here my cream is nearing the end and it occured to me that I should review it before I completely finish it up.

Here is a swatch of the cream. You may notice its really smooth and creamy. The consistency is good. It isnt runny and neither its very thick. Its just right as it should be for a cream. My experience with this moisturizer has been really great. I use it everyday whenever I wash my face or cleanse it I use this cream afterwards. Its very moisturizing and isn't oily at all. It quickly absorbs into the skin and does not leave a greasy residue over the skin. It moisturises the skin without making it oily or greasy.  It hydrates and nourishes the skin but do not expect it to do any miracles for you. It serves the purpose of a moisturizer, it does not make you fair or makes your acne scars disappear. I would rate it 3.5/5 and since I have already hit the pit I may buy it again. I purchased this from Enem Liberty Market for Rs. 360 I think. Do not remember exactly.

Hope you liked my review. Comment and tell me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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