I broke at Breakout :p

3:22 PM

Hi Beauties!

Here is another haul post for you. You must be familiar with out local clothing brand, Breakout. Its been 3 or 4 years of their existence in the market. I'd say its a good clothing store where you can buy clothes for men and women plus shoes, bags and other accessories like jewellery items. I just went for a stroll into the store but it proved to be contagious for me and I bought some stuff from there. Here is what I got:

This pretty red bracelet is for Rs. 590.

The leopard print bracelet for Rs. 490.

The ring for Rs. 390.

As for the neon pink yellow shoes I do not exactly recall the price but I think they were for Rs. 1400. Not sure exactly.

Hope you liked my haul. Did you buy anything from Breakout this season? If yes, share your experience and buys with me :) Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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