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Hi Beauties!

Alot of you have been requesting me to review Neutrogen wave. I am sure many of you want to try it out. I purchased this from Al Fatah Liberty Market for Rs. 845. I believe its available for different prices at different stores, like I got this for Rs. 845 from Al Fatah but its being sold for Rs. 1200 at VIP cosmetics store. So I would advise you to look out for the best bargain for yourself.

Neutrogen a wave comes in a thin cardboard box with the device visible in the box under a transparent thick plastic sheet. It has how to use instructions written at the back and also the cautions for using the device.

Neutrogena wave comes with 14 cleansing pads, a duracell battery and the device itself.

14 cleasning pads. 7 pads in each pack

The power button side

The head

Batteries side

Battery insert

My Experience:

When I asked the Sales Representative price for this product I found it to be reasonable enough. So I purchased it to see how it works and what it does. I must say I am really pleased with its performance. Neutrogena lives upto its name. This device undoubtedly is amazing and does its job well. All I did was, put in the battery, and attached one of the cleansing pad to its head. The device head has something which lets the pad stick to it. Just wet the attached pad under a tap of running water and you are ready to go. I pushed the power button and it started vibrating like an epilator. I moved the device in circular motions all over my face and neck. The cleansing pad once activated produced lather and the pad isn't harsh on the skin at all. I repeated circular motions all over the face for almost 5 to 7 minutes, switched off the power, rinsed my face with water and discarded the cleansing pad. Please keep in mind that these pads are disposable and can not be used more than once. For hygiene purposes and to avoid germs breeding on your face please discard it after use and do not think of letting it dry and using it the next time :/

This is a cleansing tool and designed to be used on daily purposes. It is your own choice how often you want to use it. Some people use it twice a day, some once daily and some who use it twice or thrice a week. However Neutrogena claims that its safe for daily usage as its an alternative to your daily cleansing routine. I found my skin really clean and smooth after its use. You can actually feel the difference. I read quite alot of reviews for this product over the internet and majority of the reviews were positive. Even people with oily skins claimed it to be an excellent though there were some who claimed that this product broke them out. SIne I have a dry to combination skin it worked perfectly well for me. You may have to try it to find out the result for yourself.

I also purchased a set of refills as well. The refill set contains 30 cleasnsing pads and is priced at Rs. 760. Exfoliating pads are also available. I think I am going to buy the exfoliating pads too. So that I may cleanse and exfoliate skin at the same time.

I love this device and would totally recommend you girls giving it a try. I hope this review answers all your concerns regarding Neutrogen Wave. In case you want to know more just drop in a comment :) Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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