White orange basket bag from Haroon's

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Hi Beauties!

I went splurging over the weekend on Lahore streets and got myself quite alot of things. Out of which I am going to be sharing my new hand bag with you all.

When it comes to hand bags Haroon's is my number one choice always. I find them very reasonable/ pocket friendly and stylish. They are durable and really serve the purpose well. This bag I'd say is a little different from the usual ones I carry. How? Lets see to find out:

This is a basket style handbag that comes with an outer basket woven style bag and an inner thick parachute material bag. These are available in a variety of colors. Some are in mix and match shades and some are the same colored shades. Like this mix and match one has a white exterior bag and an orange interior bag. The same colored ones have both the bags of same colors as in purely pink, yellow or blue.

Side view of the bag

The exterior bag
The outer bag is separate and can be carried alone as well.
The interior bag
The interior bag can be used alone separately. It has an orange detachable strap which when attached can be carried over the shoulders. The strap is shown in the pictures below.

Inner view of the bag
Sorry for the crappy dark quality of the pictures. The light was about to go and it was night time and I wanted to be done with the pictures before the light went out. So the bag has two large inner compartments which are divided by a zip pocket. It has another small inner zip pocket but no mobile pocket.

Here is the strap that came with the bag. It is attached on the inner side of the bag and can be made a shoulder bag too but it sticks with the interior bag only so if you want to shoulder carry the bag you can not use it with the basket.

The bag came with a protective dust bag so when not in use you can keep the bag inside this dust protectant bag to prevent it from dust and mites.

I like this bag but I would not call it one of my favorite ones. I purchased it as I did not have a big orange bag plus it was economical too. There was one in orange of same style with orange basket too but I preffered this one as it was in two colors and was a little different than regular bags. Now if you are into hand carrying your bags then you can easily carry it around but if you prefer carrying your bags on your arms or shoulders then this style is not for you. The bag is solid and sturdy and can with stand rough usage. It is quite spacy and can store in a lot of items. I took it to work the other day and my fellow collegues liked the style very much and praised it. The material of the inner bag is sturdy and can be cleaned with a wet cloth. The bag is priced at Rs. 2050 which I would say is reasonable enough for the quality and style. I would rate this bag 3.5/5 and if you like the style then I would recommend you to give it a try.

Hope you liked my new hand bag. Drop in your comments and tell me what you think of my new bag. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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