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12:45 PM

Hi Beauties!

Who has laid their eyes on the new Summer collection by ArtDeco? If you haven't then I'd say your eyes are missing a treat. The new collection is a treat to the eyes and to the heart if you are a shopaholic. See for yourself to believe :)


Here is a list of things I got myself:

1. Bronzing Glow Blusher
2. Eyeshadows in 210 and 235
3. Long lasting lip stylo in number 53
4. Hydra Lip Booster in number 32
5. Magnetic eye shadow duo container

My previous post on ArtDeco products had a lip gloss of the same number that is 32. The two products might look similar alot and in number as well but they are both from different ranges and have different shades too. Check out my review on ArtDeco Lip Brilliance here. The one you see in this post is a Hydra Lip Booster which is a new addition to the ArtDeco line this summer. Hydra Lip Booster is priced at Rs. 1190.

ArtDeco single eye shadows in number 210 and 235. These are also new additions to the Summer collection. Each eye shadow is priced at Rs. 495.


The new bronzing glow blush is a three shaded blusher which has gold shimmer particles. The blusher comes in a cardboard box with a very appealing copper bronze color. But the real thing is inside the box.

This is what attracted me to this blusher. The top lid of the blusher. My Goodness, just look at the design its so so appealing. It literally begs you and makes you drop to your knees and buy it and moreover the way the blusher is designed is another attraction. Just look at the picture below, I do not feel like using this blusher ever and cherish it just the way it is :p


The blusher is priced at Rs. 1790 which I would rate a little expensive but then again its a 3 in 1 blusher and its ArtDeco hence the high price but its totally worth the price for me since im head over heels in love with it.


This is a magnetic duo eye shadow container which has the same design as that of a blusher. The only thing that made me buy it was the design on the cover. Its priced at Rs. 790.


Last but not the least, ArtDeco Long lasting Lip stylo in number 54. Its not a part of their new summer range but I just loved the color and it looks great on my lips hence I just purchased it. The long lasting lip stylo is priced at Rs. 1090.

This is all to my haul post. I hope you liked my recent buys. I purchased this stuff from Enem Liberty Market Lahore. ArtDeco is also available at Raja Sahib, Hyperstar and Al Fatah. Dont forget to drop in your comments and let me know what you think of my haul. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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