Clearasil Blackhead Clearing Scrub

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Hi Beauties!
Here is another skin care review. Another one of my favorite product. I featured this on my July Favorites products post as well. Finally I am reviewing it today. Although I do not have a blackhead problem on my skin but I do have some on my nose. They are not huge or stubby but still I find it appropriate to get rid of them. I have been using the nose pore strips and found them effective enough to get rid of these blackheads but when I saw clearasil blackhead removing scrub I wanted to see if something other then nose strips worked for me or not. Read my review further to find out if this product worked for me or not.

Coming to the outlook of the product Clearasil blackhead removing scrub comes in a 150 ml plastic tube with a pop pen lid. Since its a 150 ml tube its quite big and broad and is not travel friendly. However a packing in 50 ml would serve the purpose. I do not know if it comes in a smaller packing or not.

The back of the product has every possible detail they could stuff into the available space starting from the directions and benefits to ingredients and contact details.

The scrub has a creamy texture and has a thick consistency like a cream and isn't runny at all. Its light blue in color while the scrub granules are a darker shade of blue. Although it claims to have micro beads but I disagree. The beads are a bit big and not quite micro in size. The granules are strong and harsh for sensitive or acne prone skin. I have two pimples on my lower cheek these days and it hurts to use this scrub over them. So please do not try this if you have a sensitive skin or acne problems.

Here is what Clearasil says about this product:

Its a gentle exfoliating scrub with natural sea salt, deep cleanses the skin to help clear and prevent blackheads. The exfoliating micro crystal formula deep cleanses the skin to remove blackhead and breakout causing dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells.
  • Use everyday in the morning and evening
  • Wet face and gently massage scrub onto the skin
  • Rinse off thoroughly with warm water  
 My Experience:
Coming to my experience of this product I'll say its a good product in general. Its a thorough cleanser, it surely deep cleans and leaves the sking smooth, fresh and clean. Its a cleanser in my opinion but not a blackhead remover. It surely reduces the visibility of blackheads on my nose but that is it, it does not eliminate them altogether. So someone who has a blackhead problem would not get much benefit out of this product. However if you want to deep clean your face then this surely is the right product. The micro beads are big and strong hence may feel a little harsh on the skin so not the right product for sensitive skins. I wet my face and massage the cleanser onto my face thoroughly and rinse it off with water. Since its a creamy cleanser it might take some time and extra effort to take it off the face. When I am massaging it onto my face I can feel the roughness of the micro beads exfoliating my face and removing the dead skin and dirt and grime on my face. It does not dry out my skin since I have a dry skin, it moisturizes my face and leaves it clean, fresh and glowy. It has a very light scent to it like most clean and clear products and I like fragrant products so I like the smell of it.
Overall I would rate it a 4.5/5 and recommend buying this product if you want a deep cleansing scrub. Its priced at Rs. 365 and available at Enem and Pot Pourri in Lahore and any other stores that stock Clearasil products. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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