My Pedicure Routine using oriflame feet up range

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Hi Beauties!

Today I am going to share with you how I do my own pedicure in the comforts of my room. Some times when I am too lazy I go to salon to get my mani pedi but usually I prefer doing it myself at home. I find it more convenient and safe to do it at home. Although I wash my feet everyday, brush them and file me heels but still the effect of a detailed pedicure is totally different and more lasting. So let me share with you my pedicure routine.

Required time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Things you will need:

1. Foot filer
2. Foot brush
3. Nail cutter
4. Cuticle remover
5. Nail filer
6. Nail buffer
7. Foot bath solution
8. Foot scrub
9. Massage cream
10. Keune bleaching powder
11. Reviving Foot spray

Lets start off with the process now.

Step 1 is to dip your feet in a water mixture of foot bath solution and bleaching powder for about 10 minutes.

I am using Oriflame's feet up relaxing footh bath which has an amazing lavender fragrance and makes dipping feet in water fun. The aroma of the fragrance is just so sweet. I mix Keune bleaching and streaking powder in the water mixture as well. This bleaching powder helps remove the blackness and dirt residue on the feet making them white and clean. It acts as a bleaching agent for the feet. Use one cap of the oriflame relaxing bath and one cap of the bleaching powder in water.

Soaking your feet for about 10 minutes in the water will make the skin soft hence making it easy to remove the dead skin. Step 2 is to remove the dead skin from the heels and toes with the help of a foot filer and using a soft brush to scrub off the dirt from the feet. Thoroughly clean your feet with brush and the filer.

Step 3 is to scrub and exfoliate your feet. Use a small amount of scrub for each foot and massage the scrub well. It will exfoliate the feet and make them all clean and pretty. Oriflame exfoliating foot scrub is so far the best scrub I have tried on my feet. It has beady crystals which are course and make the exfoliation process really worth it. Moreover the best part about this scrub is that it lathers which means it reduces the friction between the skin and scrub making the exfoliation process smooth and convenient. I could already see a visible difference in my feet after exfoliation only.

Next wash your feet thoroughly with water to remove any traces of the scrub. Towel dry feet and proceed to step 4 which is removing the cuticles. Push the dead skin towards the nail end with the help of a cuticle pusher and remove it by using the cuticle remover. Uptill step 4 it took me 20 minutes to be done with all these steps.

Since water makes the nails soft, it makes it very convenient for me to cut and file my nails. So I usually cut and file them after exfoliation and cuticle removing process.

Step 4 is to cut, shape and file your nails. I had square shaped nails before and this time I shaped them into round so it took me about 15 minutes to cut, shape and file them. The most tedious of all tasks I would say.

In step 5, I massaged my feet with Oriflame's soothing, cooling and anti perspirant creams. These creams are not meant for massage purposes so they get absorbed into the skin real quick. What I do is, I moisten my hands with water and rub the creams over the feet. With wet hands, the cream takes longer time to get totally absorbed. I masage each foot for about 3 minutes with each cream. Then I thoroughly wash my feet with water and towel dry them. Make sure you dry them well between the fingers and around the nails.

Lastly in step 6, I buffer my nails with a nail buffer to give them the ultimate shine and clean effect.

I forgot to take the picture, I sprayed my feet with Oriflame's feet up reviving foot spray as well to give a fresh nice fragrant effect. Tadaaaa! say hello to my clean and pretty feet. This pedicure lasts me for about a month and after a month I repeat the same process.
Well this is it to my pedicure routine. I hope you found it simple and descriptive. What is your routine? Share yours with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care.

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