WTF: Oriflame Mango and Yoghurt Shower Gel

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Hi Beauties!

This happens to be my second review on Oriflame's shower gels/ body washes. I had a good experience with their coconut and ricemilk shower gel ( read review here ). Read further to find out how my experience went with another Oriflame's shower gel.

Oriflame Mango and Yoghurt Shower Gel

Oriflame's Mango and Yoghurt shower gel comes in a clear plastic bottle with a flip cap, easy to pour feature. The bottle content is 200 ml. The shower gel is light orange in color, very very light orange in fact. The consistency of the shower gel is quite runny as per my taste. It has a very light hint of smell of mangoes.  

Oriflame Mango and Yoghurt Shower Gel

Oriflame Mango and Yoghurt Shower Gel

Oriflame Mango and Yoghurt Shower Gel

Oriflame Mango and Yoghurt Shower Gel

Coming to my experience of the shower gel I'd say I did not like it at all for many reasons. Firstly it is too runny. Secondly it does not lather well. I need to use triple the amount of shower gel to cover the entire body, which means finishing the bottle sooner than necessary.
Shower gels are like a luxury treat for the body, the fragrance, the soft lather all combine to give a pampering feeling. But unfortunately with this shower gel its entirely the opposite. Oriflame shower gels are quite affordable and for those who find body shop very expensive they are a good treat but unfortunately this shower gel is a disaster. As such I do not have much to say about it. I would rate it 2/5 and would not be buying it ever again. I purchased this on sale for Rs. 303. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and let me know. Have you used this shower gel before? How did your experience go with this product? I would love to know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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