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OMG its been so long that I have not posted anything, I have almost forgotten how to write. Well the new year has been quite busy and no matter how hard I am trying I am barely managing to write posts. Plus I am without a camera these days which has made it all the more difficult to continue posting. I am saving money to get a new camera, lets see when I succeed in doing that since I am spending it all on the SALES these days. 

Essence Sun Club Oil Control Paper

Essence Sun Club Oil Control Paper

The product I am reviewing today is oil control sheets by Essence. The kind of harsh weather we have, oil control sheets are a must have. In fact I personally suggest it to every girl whether she is a makeup addict or not, to have blotting papers in her handbag at all times. These are a better substitute of tissues for removing oil and dirt from face. 

Essence Sun Club Oil Control Paper

Here is what Essence claims for its oil control sheets: 

This mattifying oil control paper absorbs excess oil and sebum, relieves your skin from shiny areas and helps to retouch your makeup quickly. 

The usage instructions are: 

Just place the oil control paper onto the shiny/oily areas of your face and dab off gently - for an instant matt result. 

Essence Sun Club Oil Control Paper

Essence oil control papers come in a small thin cardboard box which is slightly bigger than a match box. Its very compact and travel friendly. You can keep it in your handbags and clutches, take it along with you to parties for quick face touch ups. The pink tray containing the oil control sheets slides out exposing the papers. Simply pull out the sheet for your use. 

Essence Sun Club Oil Control Paper - Before Use 

Here is how the sheet looks like. Its exactly like a butter paper used for tracing diagrams or pictures. Its very thin and buttery, inscribed with essence logo and sun club written on it. The picture you are seeing above is of a fresh sheet taken out of the box. The picture below speaks how well it works. 

Essence Sun Club Oil Control Paper - After Use
 I am hoping the difference between before and after use picture is visible enough. You may see only the corners are a little dense while the rest of the sheet has almost gone transparent absorbing oil from the face. Since its winter and skin does not perspire as much as it does in summers these sheets are handy to use. However in Summers these sheets are a total fail. Since these are really thin, they easily tear up while dabbing over the face. Moreover the sheet has a butter paper like texture which makes it absorb less oil from the face. Had it been containing more powder the sheet would have worked just fine. 

The oil control papers are supposed to absorb oil that surfaces on face after sometime leaving the face fresh, oil free and dry. All in all I would say the sheet needs to be a more sturdy so that it withstands getting oily and more powdery to absorb oil. These ones absorb very little oil and the effect is not so noticeable. These may serve well in winters but in summers they so not serve the purpose. They are priced at Rs. 320 and are available in big superstores selling Essence cosmetics. 

Rating: 3/5

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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