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Hi Beauties!

For someone like me who loves changing nail colors on a regular basis so much so that everyday I have a different color on my nails it is utmost important to have a nail polish remover which delivers nothing but the best. I have had the honor of using many nail polish removers mostly local ones but now my heart is set on one which I find the best so far. 

Essence Nail Polish Remover

Yes, I am talking about the pocket friendly budget brand Essence. Essence nail polish remover is currently my favorite for it delivers what it claims. 

Essence Nail Polish Remover
Here is what Essence claims:

"Highly effective nail polish remover, removes all kind of nail polishes without drying out the cuticle or nail surface with pleasant coconut-vanilla fragrance" 

Essence Nail Polish Remover

Essence Nail Polish Remover

Essence nail polish remover comes in a 150 ml sized plastic bottle and is light blue in color. The bottle is sturdy and big, not quite travel friendly I would say. The remover has a strong coconut fragrance which I admire since majority of the nail polish removers have a sharp pungent odor which I really dislike. So this is a major plus point for this one. 

Essence Nail Polish Remover - top view

I only wish the bottle had a holed lid or something so it would have been easier to control the amount of the product. As much clumsy I am, its a constant fear for me that I do not spill it accidentally. 

The product itself works really well. It wipes off the nail polish in one swipe, sometime two depending upon the color. I do not have to rub my nails like crazy to get the color off. Plus the sweet coconut fragrance is a huge add on for me. Moreover it does not dry the nails, in fact it moisturizes them. While using some local nail polish removers I noticed they badly used to dry my nail surface leaving a white residue as well around the corners of the nails. This is so not the case with essence nail remover. It leaves my nails moisturzied and good as new with no dryness or white residue on them. The formulation I feel is very gentle and mild on the nails. 

I am rating it a 4.7/5 for the chic packaging and quality. I just wish they add a holed lid on it. Its priced at Rs. 210 which is very economical. I purchased it from Raja Sahib Link road outlet and its also available at Enem store and other super stores that carry Essence brand and now you can also shop essence products online from Just4girls.pk. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your feedback as I love reading your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care.  

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