|Review|: Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Eye shadow in Buff Chamois

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Hi Beauties!

I am a sucker when it comes to nude shades. For some reason I am so attracted to them that I simply can not snub the urge to buy them whenever I see something new in nude shades. No matter how many eye shadows or lipsticks I accumulate over time I just am tempted to buy nude colors. Same happened to me again...

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Eye shadow in 500 Buff Chamois 

Revlon Beyon natural cream to eye shadow quad comes in 4 browny nude shades. The first shade is more of a highlighter and can be used all over the eyes. The second shade on top right is chocolate brown and is to be used in the crease of the eye. The third shade which is in dark chocolate color is to be used on the lash line and finally the last shade which is a shimmery brown is to be used all over the lid. 

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Eye shadow in 500 Buff Chamois - back view 

The eye shadows are creamy to touch. Its like touching a frosted cream pastry that has settled well. The eye shades are very smooth to apply. You can use a brush and even your finger tip to apply the eye shadow. 

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Eye shadow in 500 Buff Chamois

The palette is made up of plastic. I really like the lid of the palette. Its transparent plus I like the way Revlon natural beauty is written on the lid. However I am sure the transparent lid will get scratched after sometime and lose its luster. What I do not like about this quad is that it doesn't come with a mirror or an applicator. Even if you skip the applicator at least include a compact mirror. 

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Eye shadow in 500 Buff Chamois

Here are the swatches of the quad. I really like the dark chocolate brown color. Its shows on my eyes while the chocolate brown isn't very visible. The first shimmery shade works as a great highlighter. I applied on my nose rim too and works fine there. These swatches are without any primer over my hand. 

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Eye shadow in 500 Buff Chamois swatches

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Eye shadow in 500 Buff Chamois swatches

I really like this quad. Firstly they are creamy shadows which means they are easy to apply since unlike powdery shadows they do not have any fall outs. Perfect for me to use while getting ready for work in a rush. No worries about the fall outs under the eyes. Since the weather is getting hot day by day my eye lids tend to get oily or sweaty which means creasing of the eye shadows. I use Essence eye primer for my eyes and it works great for me. The shadows last good up to 4-5 hours before they start to crease. The dark chocolate brown color and highlighter is pretty much visible to the eyes but the other two shades on the right hand might not be very visible on our Asian skin tones. If you have a darker complexion the shades might not turn up at all. It will work great for light skin tones, making the eyes really pop with color compared to darker skin tones. As for the pigmentation of the quad I would say its normal, not highly pigmented neither sheer. If on a scale of 3 I have to rate the pigmentation, 1 being the least and 3 being the highest, I would rate it 2 by which I mean average. Overall I really like this quad and is one of my quick 2 go eye shadows these days. I am rating it 3.5/5 and recommend buying it. I purchased mine from a local cosmetic store for Rs. 950. I am not sure if its available else where. 

  • Like neutral shades or nude colors
  • Like creamy shadows
  • Quick fix quad if you are in a rush

  • Darker skin tone
  • Do not like creamy shadows
  • Not highly pigmented 
  • Very oily lids
  • Availability might be an issue
Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and let me know. I love reading your feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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