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Hi Beauties!

Sometimes temptations get the better of us. Usually this happens to me and it happens a lot, whenever I put a spending ban on myself I see tempting things around me screaming at me to buy them. One such temptation occurred when I read Ayesha's review on Luscious signature lipsticks. I got myself the same shade as hers and read further to find out how my experience went with it. 

Luscious signature lipstick in No 16, Raspberry

Here is what Luscious says about its signature collection lipsticks:

"A light weight yet velvety and rich color formula that provides long wear and hydration for hours. Formulated with extra pigment for crisp, vivid and stunning color results. Packed in a stylish tube, it will glide on smoothly, and you will fall in love!
Enriched with jojoba oil!
Available in 16 soft-matte and shimmer shades."

I agree with the part where it says soft-matte, why? Will explain that later in the post.

Luscious signature lipstick in No 16, Raspberry
Let me first explain the outer look of the product. Luscious signature lipsticks come in a black sturdy tube weighing 4 gms. The lipsticks carry some weight and you can feel holding something in your hand. The bottom of the tube has a transparent plastic base exposing the shade of the lipstick making it easier to find it in your lipstick stash. The cover of the tube is inscribed with Luscious logo.  

Luscious signature lipstick in No 16, Raspberry

I got myself shade 16 which is Raspberry. Its a lovely raspberry shade a bold pink with hues of magenta in it. The color it gives out is so refreshing. Very different from the usual pinks and purples I use. 

Luscious signature lipstick in No 16, Raspberry

Here is how it looks on my lips. This is the color pay off with a single swipe, imagine how pigmented it is. The color is very much build able. You can swipe it a few more times to get a loaded look and trust me the heavily coated looks super hot in this color. It so easy to carry it off, I never thought I could so easily carry off a bold shade. The shade very much compliments my skin tone. 

Luscious signature lipstick in No 16, Raspberry

Luscious signature lipstick in No 16, Raspberry

Luscious signature lipstick in No 16, Raspberry
My final words for the lipstick would be that I am in super love with Luscious signature range. They have come up with shades that perfectly compliment Pakistani skin tones. When I earlier mentioned that soft-matte is the right word for this lipstick, by that, I meant, the lipstick isn't creamy or shimmery, its soft-matte as in its matte yet not completely matte but with a little moisturizing and creamy touch. I hope I am making some sense :p The lipstick does not dry out or isn't so matte that it requires you to put a gloss or some sort of balm under your lips. Its moisturizing and glides smoothly onto the lips. I am impressed with the pigmentation of this color. This lipstick lasts good on me for 4 hours. Upon eating it faded a little between the middle of the lips, however the color lasted on my lips for full 8 hours with a faded look. The shine faded away within 2 hours however. Talk about staying power, eh!!! Moreover I find the lipstick withstanding the hot hot weather. It has not gone melty on me so far at all. I received many compliments from my colleagues upon wearing it to work yesterday. It totally brightens up my face. 

I am rating this lipstick a 4.5/5 and totally recommend trying it. Would I repurchase? Yes, in fact I am tempted to buy some other shades too. These lipsticks are priced at Rs. 675 and are available nation wide in stores that carry Luscious cosmetics. You can also buy them online from Luscious website or from Just4girls. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and let me know your feedback as I love reading your lovely comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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