Artdeco eyeshadows in 210 and 235

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Hi Beauties!

Artdeco is one my favorite makeup brands. Its a little high end but nonetheless, quality is amazing and not to forget the vast variety and unique colors they have. I got to try two of their eye shadows which I purchased last year as they were launched in Summer 2012 collection. Read my review to find out how my experience went with them. 

Artdeco eyeshadows in 210 and 235

Artdeco eye shadows are sold individually in samll 0.8g palstic packaging which comes with a magnetic black bottom and transparent plastic lid with color number stated on top. The magnetic bottom helps in organizing the eyeshadows in empty magnetic palettes to build your own desired collection. The transparent plastic lid which is slidable is then removed if you store them in an empty palette. The color numbers are stated on the side of each eyeshadow tray as well. 

Artdeco eyeshadow in 210 and 235 - magnetic bottom 

Artdeco eyeshadow in 210 and 235 - with flash

Artdeco eye shadow in 210 and 235 - with flash

Artdeco eyeshadow in 210 and 235 - without flash

Swatch of Artdeco eyeshadows in 210 and 235 - natural light

Swatch of Artdeco eyeshadows in 210 and 235 - flash light

Swatch of Artdeco eyeshadows in 210 and 235 - without flash

Swatch of Artdeco eyeshadows in 210 and 235 - without flash
Coming to my experience of these eye shadows I have mixed feelings for them. For someone who goes to work, these eyeshadows are good in a sense they give out a subtle and soft outlook. The eyeshadows are not heavily pigmented which means the color giveout is average. The texture of these is powdery, velvety and shimmery at the same time. Although yet being powdery, you will not witness fallouts under the eye. The eyeshadows have been grounded so well that it has increased their sticking ability, the shadow sticks well to the brush besides being powdery and does not drop but be careful with the amount you carry off the brush. They have a soft finish to them once applied on the eyes. However what I have noticed is they fade pretty soon. They stayed good on my eyes for like 3 hours and then started to fade. After like 5 or so hours I could visibly witness the faded look and by the time I reached home I could hardly see any visible eyeshadow on my eyes. So the staying power is a big turn off. I like the shimmery effect it gives in the start and the subtle look it attains after some time. However, it might be a turn off for some. 

210 is a shimmery brown shade which works good as an eye shadow but can also be used as a highlighter while 235 is a peachy pink shade and can be used as a blush on over the cheeks with careful and controlled application. They surely serve multiple purposes. Overall I would say they are decent eye shades with average pigmentation and staying power. 



                 Rs. 495/$ 4.5 approx

                        I purchased mine from Enem store. They are also available at Hyperstar, Raja Sahib and Scentsation outlets nationwide. 

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and share your feedback with me. I love reading your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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