Grace Cole England Watermelon Refresher

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Hi Beauties!

My last post has been on shopping from Lifestyle and continuing that, I am sharing another something I purchased from Lifestyle. Read further to find out what I am talking about. 

Grace Cole England Watermelon Refresher set

I was not aware of Grace Cole's brand before buying this. The packaging and the colors looked very appealing to me. Plus I am a sucker for bath sets, I find them very sensuous and pampering. Taking out time to pamper yourself a little is what we girls crave for in our busy lives and this is what came to my mind when I saw these gift sets. 

Grace Cole England Watermelon Refresher set

Grace Cole England Watermelon Refresher set

There are many variants to these gift sets like different fruity flavors, different sizes and different items. Some come in a set of different fragrant body lotions, some have a body lotion and a nail filer, while others have a single body lotion and a shower gel. You can buy whatever suits you. I got myself a toiletries set which contains a shower gel, a body lotion, loofah, and a small travelling pouch to put in the toiletries. 

Grace Cole England Watermelon Refresher set

Grace Cole shower gel and body lotion in watermelon and pink grapefruit

Grace Cole Loofah

Grace Cole pink pouch

Since there is a superb sale going on at Lifestyle, this gift set was also on 10% to 20% off so it cost me less than the stated price of Rs. 1995. I bought it for Rs. 1796 or 1695 maybe, can't recall the exact price. The gift set is perfect in case you need to gift it to someone, so many variations are available to it. Grace Cole sets are available at DHA, Y Block in Lahore. Get yourself one before they run out. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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