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Hi Beauties!

The feeling of buying something that is totally comfortable and worth the money is surely divine especially when it comes to shoes. I am sure no body can survive uncomfortable and ill fitting shoes. My face expressions get all distorted when I wear uncomfortable shoes. 

Pink polka dots flip flops
Although these are simple flip flops which we like to call "hawai chappal" or "rubber walay jootay" in our local language however they are so comfortable that I decided to do a separate post on these. I was looking for shoes that I could wear at home since my existing chappals weren't that great. In summers I have this habbit of wetting my feet over and over since I feel really hot and my feat burn sometimes. It took really long for my other chappels to dry and the best solution was to opt for flip flops. Now any flip flop wouldn't have sufficed. I needed to find myself something trendy and fashinable. 

Pink polka dots flip flops
 As usual I went to Raja Sahib Link Road outlet for a casual stroll and whenever I go for casual strolls in a shop it has never happened that I come out empty handed. So like always my eyes fell on the beautiful shoes collection by Ipanema displayed there. I tried several of their designs and trust me they were awesome. Locally speaking "Aik se berh ker aik." 

Pink polka dots flip flops

Pink polka dots flip flops

Pink polka dots flip flops

Its been three months now that I have been using these chappals and I am very satisfied. They are so comfortable to wear. I must say they are excellent quality. The best part is, they are stylish and chic and you get to choose from a number of options, whatever suits you. Home chappels couldn't have gotten more trendy than this. They are rubber made and are of good quality material. Even after three months use they have not worn out much from the sole. They also have not left any dark marks on my feet under the stripe area which most flip flops do in my experience. You may find them a little over priced but they are totally worht the money when it comes to comfort. I shower with these on and wear them around the house and sometimes when I go out even. You can notice, not a single polka dot has faded out so far. That speaks alot about the quality of the product.






             Rs. 1050


I purchased mine from Raja Sahib Link road outlet. I have seen this collection at Raja Sahib Liberty Market outlet as well. Recently I read on their Facebook page that they have stocked up at Alfatah as well. So be sure to check out these flip flops if you are looking for chic and trendy chappels. 

If you want to check out more shoes from the same company, check out their Facebook page by the name of  Grendene - PK. Hope you liked my flip flops. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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