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Hi Beauties!

Recently I purchased a few small items which I am sharing with you in a collective haul post. Hope you will like it.

This twin ring set is from Outfitters sale. The antique gold colored ring has eyes while the black one has moustaches. If you wear the eyes alone the ring kind of looks weird but looks pretty funny worn along with the moustaches. The rings are originally priced at Rs. 590 but on discount I got them for Rs. 415. 

Eyes and moustache ring set
This is a quadrupple ring set in gold color with multiple angles to the rings. After sale its priced at Rs. 345. 

Gold colored ring set 

I was waiting for sale on Outfitters so that I could get my hand on this earings set. I liked the blue ones with electric bolt design, the yellow ones are an additional treat. The earings are priced at Rs. 310 after sale.  

Ear studs from Outfitters

Tri colored bobby pins set from Splash for Rs. 370.

Tri colored bobby pins

Multicolored hair clips set from Splash for Rs. 370.

Multi colored hair clips

Black belt with gold colored buckle from Splash sale for Rs. 636. Original price is Rs. 795. Something I did not notice at the time of purchase is the blet has too few holes and is very very loose. I need to do some more holes in it to fit my waist. It can be worn loose as well over shirts but I like it to be tied around my waist firmly. 

The neon bracelet is from Outfitter's new mid summer collection. I purchased it on full price, the sale had not started yet. Now you can buy it at 30% off. The original price is Rs. 450. 

Bracelet from Outfitters

My agenda was to grab some dresses for winters from Beech Tree sale. However I ended up buying jewellery instead and no dresses. Although I liked a few as they were so economical with 50% off sale but I found the sizes unfit for me. For some reason their size 8 was like 10 or 12 and I would have to get those dresses to my tailor for alteration which would have failed the money saving purpose of buying from sale. So I simply left the dresses and set my heart on a pendant. 

Bismillah pendant from Beech Tree
The Beech Tree outlet at Mini market opposite to Generation has some very nice jewellery items but they are might expensive, over priced I would say. Although I liked quite a lot of things but I found this pendant to be something my pocket could allow me to purchase. It has a Quranic verse calligraphically written over the blue oval background.  

Bismillah pendant from Beech Tree
The finishing and neatness of it is simply impeccable and I am sure it would last me really long. I would have liked it even better had it come with a matching dull gold colored chain. Black chain takes away the glory of it I feel. The pendant is priced at Rs. 1800. 

Bismillah pendant from Beech Tree - back side

Lastly I have this body mist by Hanna's secret. Its a dupe for Victoria's secrets body mists. This one comes with silver shimmer. Its actually a shimmer body mist. The smell is really good and lasts long. Shimmer isn't very prominent which makes it convenient to use at day time as well. I am so glad to purchase it. I bought it from RIOS D.H.A, Y block outlet for Rs. 220. Its actually priced at Rs. 240 but I got a discount on it. 

Hanna's secret shimmer body mist

That is all for my haul. Hope you liked the items I bought, Drop in your feedback as I love to read your comments, they make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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