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Hi Beauties!

So all I wanted to get myself was, a good hair oil but I laid my eyes on several things and snubbed my urges to buy them instantly. I thought for one whole day and I finally lost the battle against my temptations. Look what I ended up buying. My pocket is dented now as I had not planned for all these things at all.  

Morocco Argan oil, Rica liposoluable wax, Soft touch wax, Soft n shine wax strips

Soft n Shine wax strips
Okay, so this was not at all a planned purchase rather a hasty one. I have not started using it so can't judge if it was the right choice or not but the packaging was so cute that I couldn't lay my eyes off this set.

Morocco Argan oil set 

Rica liposoluable wax is my third repurchase. Before this I have tried it in Lemon, milk chocolate and now strawberry. I am rating it as my Number 1 favorite wax and so far nothing compares to this. A review for this one is due on my part. I shall mention the details in my post solely dedicated to this gem of a wax. 

Rice lipsoluable strawberry wax 

Soft Touch cream wax

I have been looking for a watch for more than a year now. I just could not find the right one for me. My preferrence for watches is the leather strap ones but I wanted to try the chain strap watch this time. Over and over I had been searching for watches, branded and non branded in search of a good one that I finally laid my eyes on this one. Its a replica Rolex not A grade copy but still very classy. My colleagues are in love with my watch and so am I. I am so happy with this purchase. 

Rolex replica watch
Now coming to the prices of these items:

1. Wax strips Rs. 120
2. Morocco argan oil set Rs. 1100
3. Rica liposoluable wax Rs. 1450
4. Soft Touch cream wax Rs. 80
5. Rolex replica watch Rs. 1000

I purchased all these items from Victoria Departmental store located at Link Road Model Town.

Hope you liked my haul? Do you snub to your retail temptations? Share your views with me by dropping in your lovely comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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