Art Deco blusher in # 73

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Hi Beauties!

Boy do I love Art Deco or what!!! It is one of my most favorite brands locally available. I have been using their lipstick, lip glosses, highlighter and am totally in love with them all. Recently I purchased a blush from their "Color & Art" collection and would like to share my experience with you all. Read further to find out. 

Art Deco blusher in # 73, Color & Art collection 
Art Deco blushers come in a magnetic pan of 5gms small size. The pan is quite sleek and small, making it travel friendly and storage friendly. Art Deco has a range of magnetic trays where you can store these pans and build your own customized collection. These pans come with a slideable plastic lid of average quality which can be discarded if you plan to hold your pan in magnetic tray. Carrying around the blush in your makeup bag/handbag may be a little tricky as the slider may come off and mess up the surroundings which is why, I recommend using the magnetic tray in case you want to carry it around with you. 

Art Deco blusher in # 73, Color & Art collection - back side
Art Deco has a variety of colors in blushers. The one I chose is from their limited collection by the name of "Color & Art". Its number is 73 and its a lovely pink shade with a slight undertone of coral.  

Art Deco blusher in # 73, Color & Art collection 
The blusher is powdery with no glitter at all. I absolutely love the fact that its glitter free which makes it convenient to use any time, anywhere. I do not have to worry about glitter chunks sparkling on my face in broad daylight making me look like Edward Cullen from Twilight. I can easily wear it everyday to work, which I do. 

Art Deco blusher in # 73, Color & Art collection 
 The blusher is very heavily pigmented, when I say pigmented I truely mean pigmented. Below is the result you see with a single swipe of my finger. 

Art Deco blusher in # 73, Color & Art collection - swatch

Art Deco blusher in # 73, Color & Art collection - blended swatch

Art Deco blusher in # 73, Color & Art collection - blended swatch
My Experience:

Talking about my experience, I can sum it up in few words; I absolutely love this blusher. Why? Let me explain. Firstly, the color is just gorgeous. Its neither plain pink nor its orangish or coral. Rather its a mixture of pink and coral giving it a subtle appearance and elegant outlook. Secondly, I love its staying power. This is one blusher thats stays put for straight 12 hours. Yes, I mean 12 hours. If  I have to quantify it I would say it fades almost 30% in the whole duration and rest stays put on your cheeks. I can easily make it out on my cheeks after 9 hours of application. Thirdly, I love its pigmentation. Its super pigmented which means you have to be a little careful with its application. Pick less amount on your brush and blend it out. Work with layering if you want a sharper look but picking up too much color might end up looking like a clown. So less the better appraoch is best in this case. The application is super fine. Its blendable and gives off a smooth velvety finish over the skin. What more can I say? The blusher is totally divine. It made up to my list of favorite blushers within two applications. Since you require small amounts it will last you just fine. 






          Rs. 890. Price is quite steep for a small pan of blusher but this is how Art Deco is priced. Price may be the only turn off for this product.


I pruchased mine from Raja Sahib Link Road outlet. You can find it at Enem, Al fatah and Pot pourri easily.


Definitely Yes. 

Hope you liked my review of the blusher. Drop in your comments to let me know your feedback as I love reading your comments. They surely make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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