Eid ul Adha outfit 2013

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Hi Beauties!

I hope it isn't very late to share my Eid ud Adha outfit post with you. I kept my outfit really simple this time. We had back to back two lunch and dinner parties which meant majority of the time had to be spent in the kitchen so I kept my outfit simple and practical. Sorry about the crappy quality of the images, I took them from my not-so-proud-of cell phone. Since I celebrate Eids at my village with my family and relatives, these pictures were captured there. 

I chose to wear a palachi material outfit. Palachi is the name of the fabric. The fabric is like velvet embosed design on a very fine fabric base similar to shaimoz silk. This dress has a story itself. I did not even buy this fabric. I went to my Chacha's (uncle's) place and my cousin showed me her recent clothes shopping which included this Palachi fabric as well. I instantly fell in love with the suit and praised it a lot. My Chachi (aunt) wanted me to have it since I liked it a lot but it did not seem appropriate to me to take my cousin's suit no matter how badly I wanted to grab it :p Anyhow she insisted a lot and made me take it, much to my happiness :p It was a single shirt piece only with no dupatta and bottoms. 

As soon as I got back to Lahore I went to Liberty market puchased a matching shalwar piece in shaimoz silk fabric, its similar to silk but is a little thick and less shiny, and handed it to the tailor. Along with the matching purple silk I purchased shocking pink color shaimoz silk as well for the neck piece, cuffs and lower hem of the shirt. 

Without flash
 The pink neck piece has been stitched over the shirt piece with box plates all over it. The box plates are thin and a little crooked, not what I had in mind but you know how tailors make excuses. On this my tailor's excuse was "shaimoz silk made it really hard to put straight box plates." How lame does that sound!!! Guess what? This happened last year. I had this suit stitched last year but did not get a chance to wear it anywhere. 

With flash

Close up of box plates


Close up of the fabric - with flash

Close up of the fabric - without flash

Lower hem- with border
This time on Eid I was really busy in office work with lots of work load and late sittings, I did not get the time to get myself an Eid dress and when I started looking I did not find anything matching my taste. All had been sold and only left overs were there in every shop. My mom came up with the idea of wearing this dress as it had been lying around. I must say moms are very wise, they come up with the brightest and wisest ideas and also money saving ideas. So I decided to wear this dress on Eid and it felt so comfortable and practical with all the moving and buzzing in the kitchen.

Its a long shirt with box plates neck piece and plain silk shalwar. I already had a pink dupatta what matched perfectly with the outfit. The shoes are from Outfitters in neon pink color. I hope the shoes did not went over board and made it too pinky.

Snake ear studes from Limelight - with flash
I paired these earings with the dress and they looked very elegant and I got many praises on these ear studs. These are for Rs. 695 from Limelight.

Snake ear studs from Limelight - without flash

I hope you liked my simple Eid dress. Drop in your comments to let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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