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Hi Beauties!

My latest obsession is watches. I am beginning to seek and like watches everywhere I see them. I purchased one last month which I featured in my haul post, this time I found another one on a Facebook store. Read my post to find out my experience with this new online store I found and my watch. 

Guess replica watch by Brand collection
I stumbled upon Brand collection store as it was showing up on my timeline as a sponsored advertisement and some of my friends had already liked the page which made me browse it. It was the perfect timing for me to find this page as they have a sale going on some selective watches. I browsed through all their albums and selected a watch for myself. I inboxed the page owner and got an instant reply. I confirmed my order and received the watch the very next day. Talk about promt service!!!

Guess replica watch by Brand collection
When the watch arrived, it was packed in a beautiful red and black cardboard box with a bow on top. Brand collection has their own website as well. Its Its upto you whether you want to place your order via Facebook or their website.

Guess replica watch by Brand collection
The watch comes supported by pillow packaging which I absolutely adore. The small sized pillow/cushion whatever you want to call it, is just so cute. Plus it highlights and emphasizes the beauty of the watch. 

Guess replica watch by Brand collection
My preferrence in watches with chain straps is silver color. Whole of this watch is silver with white as base in the dial. The outer rim of the dial is studded with double layer of very small size diamontes.

Guess replica watch by Brand collection
The watch has 3 small dials within the main dial however they do not work much to my disappointment. They are just designs. Only you get to see time through the main dial, smaller dials are just for design sake. If you are someone who likes pushing buttons for no apparent reason then you can push the side two buttons on the rim of the watch since they don't do anything and are just there for no reason. Only the middle screw button works to adjust time. 

Guess replica watch by Brand collection

Guess replica watch by Brand collection - close up of the dial

Guess replica watch - close up of the chain strap

Guess replica watch - close up of the click lock

Guess replica watch - back of the dial

One important thing worth mentioning here is that its a big dial watch. Sometimes the size of an item is unclear in the pictures so I am explicitly mentioning here that the dial is not average sized, its a little big than normal. Plus the chain strap is also broad. I had to get a few pieces removed from the chain to make it fit on my wrist. The watch is water resistant which makes another plus for the watch. All in all I totally love the watch. Though its a replica and not an original Guess watch yet I love it. After seeing my watch, my friend also placed an order and her watch also arrived the very next day. I am impressed Brand collection's services. If you are on the look out of watches then you should definitely visit their page. 




I am deducting 0.5 for the static small dials. They should also work.


             Rs. 2250 including delivery charges


Brand collection


Yes, if I like anything else in future, I shall definitely place another order with this Facebook store. 

Hope you liked my watch. Drop in your comments and let me know your feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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