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Say hello to Winters and dry, patchy skin. In Winters skin suffers a lot and needs mazimum hydration and moisturization. Its just November and my skin has already got dry patchy areas around the nose and cheek bones. After washing face, the skin is dehydrated, accentuating the dry spots. I just did not know what product to use to fix this problem till I got my hands on Essense pure skin anti-spot moisturizer. 

Essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer 
 Here is what Essence claims for its anti-spot moisturizer:

  • Fights spots and blackheads
  • Refines and mattifies skin
  • Visibly reduces redness
"This light weight moisturizer provides a long lasting matte finish and refines the skin, the effective formula with CLEARDERM COMPLEX reduces spots and black heads and helps prevent new skin imperfections. Soothing ingredients visibly reduce redness and skin irritations."

Essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer 
Essence pure skin anti spot moisturizer comes in a 75 ml plastic tube which is travel friendly and can be carried around in the handbag. I like the color combination of the tube; light blue with a burst of orange in it. It has a flip lid which provides control over the product. The tube may last a month or two depending upon your usage. The moisturizer is perfect and recommended for day and night use or whenever you feel the need to moisturize the skin. 

Essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer 

Essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer 

Essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer 
The moisturizer has the consistency of a normal lotion. It isn't runny neither its gel like. Its somewhere in the middle where it doesn't run nor blobs out of the tube. It has a mild medicinal fragrance similar to other pure skin products in the range. The moisturizer has a hint of light cucumber color not visible in the picture. 

Essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer - swatch
I hope the difference in both swatch pictures is visible. Notice the dryness on my hand in the picture above. The skin feels wrinkly while in the picture below, after blending the moisturizer, there is a clear difference on my hand. Skin feels hydrated, soft and radiant. 

Essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizer - blended
My Experience: 

Pure skin by Essence is a range which targets problematic skins like acne prone skin, black heads, spots and such. The good thing about this moisturizer is, along with being a moisturizer it fights spots and blackheads and reduces redness of the skin. Since I do not have black heads problem or skin redness I can not judge the performance of this product on these grounds. However I can tell you that it surely hydrated and moisturizes the skin. My skin is peak dry after washing my face which is when I use this moisturizer and it completely makes the dry patches disappear and mattifies the skin. Here by mattifying I am implying that it does not leave a shiney residue over the skin like most moisturizers, infact it quickly completely absorbs into my skin. It may not be the best moisturizer in terms that, it does reduce the appearance of dry patches and hydrates the skin however it may not eliminate them entirely. So its a great product for oily to combination skins but not too much for dry skin. 

I am using it as a primer over my face as well. I like that its light weight and absorbs in to the skin allowing a smooth and clear application of foundation. So far its working great as a foundation base. It helps fight spots on the skin. Do not expect it to work magic and make them disappear in a matter of few applications. Its slow and takes time. It helps control zits from popping up and reduces the visibility of old spots. The results might accelerate if used in combination with other pure skin products. 

Like it:

  • Light weight moisturizer
  • Great for everyday use
  • Great for oily to combination skin
  • Fights zits
  • Use as a makup base
  • Completely absrobs into the skin
  • Keep face balanced with dryness control
  • Smells good 
Dislike it:
  • Does not eliminate dryness completely
  • Not into fragranted products
  • Not paraben free
  • May not work miracles for very dry skin





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Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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